Targeting Global Top 100
Targeting Global Top 100
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-CBNU International Affairs Office

Are you up for a challenge? The CBNU International Affairs Office provides opportunity of studying abroad to students. There are various programs to enrich your college life. Also, it has exerted great efforts to internationalize the school. Recently, it started to produce tangible results. From here on, take notice of what this organization is doing to become one of the top 100 universities through a series of questions and answers with Chun Kwang-ho, the Deputy Vice-president of the CBNU International Affairs Office.

1. Including CBNU, most of the universities around the world are focusing on international affairs. What do you think the reason is?
It is to facilitate students’ transfer to foreign universities. To bring an example, the tuition of universities in the United Kingdom has increased more than three times that of before. Following this, the universities could not fill the fixed number of entrance students. Consequently, they need to attract outstanding foreign students. Not surprisingly, international affairs are also essential to broaden students’ points of view and give impressive experiments. CBNU takes first place in the internationalization index among national universities in Korea. However, international affairs are still necessary for more qualitative improvement of the university. Also, the international affairs office will take a leading step to raise the prestige of the university and make it a global campus.

2. Since you became the Deputy Vice-president, what has changed?
I am trying to interact with more leading universities in the United States or Europe and focus on the quality improvement of the international programs. In particular, I am promoting a ‘two plus two program’. It is a program through which students are able to have two degrees. One of the two degrees is given from studying in English-speaking countries and the other from CBNU. Before I became the deputy vice-president, CBNU International Affairs was inclined to increase the number of international affairs and usually interacted with the Asian countries such as Mongolia and China. However, the university has enlarged academic ties with universities in Europe and the United States. I’m constantly making an effort to form a globalized campus. Soon, I leave for a business trip to European universities. I will visit 14 universities and manage to allow admission of two hundred CBNU students there.

3. Then, how do you make the outcome of interaction with many universities in English-speaking countries?
I’d been giving lectures in the University of Leuven and King’s College London as a professor for 17 years. During that time, I’ve made personal connections with the scholars in Europe and it is has been a great help. In addition, emphasizing that CBNU is a national university is effective.

4. How do you want the international affairs to improve?
The President of CBNU, Suh Geo-suk, hopes for the university to become one of the world’s top 100 universities. The CBNU International Affairs Office should keep make innovation. For now, about a thousand students are able to study abroad through all of the programs. However, I am planning to provide this opportunity to every student in CBNU. Every department would be more competitive if students in each department, no matter what kind of department they are in, studied abroad and learned something new. Therefore, my long-term goal is to make enough positions for every student to study abroad at least one semester or a year. To achieve the goal, more international exchange is required. CBNU has only about one thousand foreign students compared to the leading universities in Seoul, which have approximately five thousand to six thousand foreign students. Furthermore, all members of the university should make an effort to become the world’s top 100 universities. For the students, they should take more English classes and for the professors, they should give lectures in English. Also, inviting superb professors will be helpful.

5. What do you want to say to CBNU students?
Simply speaking, go abroad. Students should have challengeable minds to broaden their cultural and educational experiences. Even if the school provides enough opportunities for students, it will be of no use if they do not endeavor to participate in the programs. Moreover, they should look at how the world is going on and dream big. I want them to design their dreams and make a chance to improve their abilities independently. Actually, students need to make an effort in their English study and open their eyes widely. I sincerely hope for CBNU students to enhance their English abilities. To bring an experience of working in the university in Seoul for three years, students in Seoul are mostly studying IELTS or TOEFL, but our students do not even know IELTS. Most of our students still study TOEIC although it cannot be used in foreign countries. I hope they prepare to go abroad and seize the chance. The CBNU International Affairs Office exists to map out the future together with the students.

As he said, the international affairs office provides various programs to give students the opportunity of studying abroad. Choose a program to suit your individual needs and make your dream come true!
<Exchange Student Program>
The International Affairs Office will send students to schools which made a scholarship exchange agreement with CBNU. Students with passion and strong vision will be able to go to and take the classes for a certain period.
-China, Taiwan: 35 students
-United States of America: 40 students (less than 20 students in a semester)
-Europe: 25 students
-Japan: 27 students
1) Undergraduates of CBNU who have more than three semesters left. A person who is available to take classes more than one semester after studying abroad.
2) Grade: total GPA above B(80 points)
3) Language: must be available to take class in their language (must meet the requirement)
4) Selection standard: total 400 points -
(Grade 100 + written test 100 + interview 100 + language ability 100)
1) Discount or exemption of tuition of that school
2) Accept semesters and grades from that school
3) Scholarship will be paid depending on the countries

<Global Leader Program (GLP)>
This program is to learn English and Chinese in the Philippines or China.
China: 50 students
Philippines: 150 students
: Tuition and round-trip ticket fee

<International Dual Degree>
This is a program for students who have outstanding academic scores. Students spend time at CBNU for a couple years and the next couple years in a sister school aboard and graduate with diplomas of both schools.
- Countries
: United States of America, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, France
- Qualifications
1) Anyone who has taken more than four classes at CBNU and achieved more than 1/2 of the graduation score
2) Person who is available to take class in their language
3) No suspension record against school policy

<Getting a Master’s Degree Abroad>
It is a program for a student who graduates from CBNU and hopes to get a master’s degree abroad. Every year, about ten people can be supported.
1) No suspension record against school policy in undergraduate years
2) Not been abroad to study
3) Graduates or seniors of CBNU
4) Above 4.0 total GPA

<International Affairs Office Volunteer Team>
In order to provide better services to the foreign students in CBNU, about 20 CBNU students can be volunteers with global citizen minds. What they do is help foreign students at some kinds of events which are held by CBNU for foreign students, helping them to know more about Korea and helping them to adjust well to CBNU.
: Extra points for programs held by the international affairs office; transportation and food expenses are paid.

<Foreign Government Invitation Scholarship>
This is a program which is provided by the National Institute for International Education. It picks students from 20 countries around the world and offers them high quality education to become global leaders. More information can be found at

<Buddy Program>
This is a program through which a student at CBNU can be a friend of foreign students who are studying at CBNU as volunteers. More than once a week, they meet up to study Korean and encourage them to use Korean. Anyone who can speak a little bit of English or Chinese can be a volunteer. One-to-one matching is made through one semester or one vacation.

We are living in an era of globalization. Being friends with foreigners is not an odd thing. Companies want a person who has an open mind. To graduate, nobody said you needed to visit outside of the country. You only needed some nice test scores, decent grades and a couple volunteering experiences. But visiting other countries and experiencing their culture will make your values different. It is true you can visit abroad when you get older, but learning things when you are young is absolutely different. Looking broader and further, it is recommended for you to catch the opportunity that CBNU offers. Who knows if you will make an unforgettable close friend or find a loved one? The International Affairs Office keeps working on many projects to ship out as many students as possible. One who uses the chance on time will be the real winner. Participate and investigate for yourself!

Address: 567 Baekje-daero, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do Chonbuk National University International Affair Office
Phone: 063-270-2098
FAX: 063-270-2099

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