Happy 30th Issue to CBNU Globe!
Happy 30th Issue to CBNU Globe!
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The number ‘30’ is considered as a special number for many people, so they congratulate the day when something has finally come to the 30th of its life. Meanwhile, they also look back into the past and decide to create a better future. As time flies, The CBNU Globe has already published its 30th issue. Welcoming the 30th issue, let’s consider the CBNU Globe’s role and function as part of the university press and look back on the path The CBNU Globe has followed.

 The Roles of the University Press

First of all, the university press plays a role as a mirror. It reflects various sides of the society and shows its appearance to readers. Thus, people can think about social problems deeply. Secondly, it plays a role as a torch. It leads public opinion and takes the lead in cultivating university culture so that students can get a lot of opportunities to show their competence in wider places.
In addition, some press entities have the function of reporting campus news, and this can give students school spirit and intimacy. They also provide information on goods and services for university students and on entertainment. Furthermore, sometimes they educate people and help university members to enhance the level of their cultural life and to build up their characters. Also, especially for students who have an interest in journalism, it gives a chance to participate in newspaper production and learn a lot about journalism by taking photos on the spot, interviewing someone and writing articles.

 The Changing History of the University Press

In the 1980’s, the heyday of the university press, the main contents of the newspaper were about political issues which were critical of the government. Since news about the student movement for democracy or democratic struggle of people could not come out on the daily newspaper due to press censorship, the university newspaper took the role of letting all the people know of the real situation.
In the late 1990’s and early years of the 2000’s, the time when overall political and economic conditions became stable, newspapers started to deal with environmental problems. Also, as students were getting interested in civilized life, pages concerning fashion trends or entertainment were very popular with them. Meanwhile, students began to be concerned with their healthy lives, which made the press focus on ‘well-being’.
Nowadays, students are living with anxiety about their future, and as society becomes bleak with individualism and increasing crime rate, they seem to need some comfort. With this change, the recent hot keyword of university newspapers is ‘healing’. To cheer students up and encourage them, newspapers try to deal with contents that can heal them to some degree. Also, university newspapers are ranging over things from which students can get useful information such as information about programs and attached institutes to the university which are practical for them.

 How to Read The CBNU Globe

Most students are afraid of reading The CBNU Globe because it is written in English. They think an English magazine is hard to understand and is boring. However, it is much easier to read than people thought. If you follow the following tips, you can have a lot of entertainment by reading The CBNU Globe.

1) If you have not read the magazine before now, it is recommended to read the special part such as 'What a surprise!' or the columns. Those articles deal with more interesting materials than academics, so you can enjoy reading without much difficulty.
2) ‘Following the native’ is a writing that native teachers from the Language Education Center wrote directly. It might be a little difficult for you to understand with some unfamiliar expressions, but it is a high-level text which can be helpful in improving your English reading skill.
3) ‘Review’ is a report in which one of the CBNU students gives his or her opinions or thoughts about books, movies, performances, etc. If you want us to carry your review, contact The CBNU Globe.
4) After reading The CBNU Globe, answer the quiz on the last page and get a gift. It is a golden opportunity!

 Promising Perspective of The CBNU Globe

The CBNU Globe is an English magazine representing CBNU. It always tries to be helpful for students to improve English reading skills with interesting articles and school news. However, it has had a crisis in recent years. As smart phones, which allow people to find information anywhere and anytime, have boomed, the newspaper has fallen into a decline. Therefore, The CBNU Globe will overcome this problem and suggest a promising perspective as follows.
First, the CBNU Globe will deliver interesting and high quality articles by professional reporters that students can enjoy reading. Also, the CBNU Globe will communicate with readers by carrying articles through SNS, following the boom of the smart phone. For this, The CBNU Globe opened a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/cbnuglobe). It has updated the news regularly and held many special events in which people can participate easily.
The CBNU Globe sincerely hopes to play an important role as the media which delivers useful information and interacts with students actively. To be a better magazine, The CBNU Globe needs readers’ concern. Please give us your attention!

 An Interview with Anjee Disanto, English Advisor of The CBNU Globe

How did you come to be in charge of correcting The CBNU Globe magazine?
When I first came to CBNU six years ago, I met the ex-English advisor. We both studied journalism, and she was to leave CBNU soon, so she said that somebody needed to edit newspaper and eventually I became to be an English advisor.

What is the most difficult thing about correcting the articles?
I think that the reporters try to be creative, but sometimes they use expressions from Korean and they try to translate those into English. However, it doesn’t make sense, so I can’t always understand what reporters want to say.

What is the most important thing when writing articles and what do you want to advise to reporters?
The most important thing is thinking about how to explain to the reader. A journalist has to listen to every topic, and to make it understandable and interesting to their reader. So reporters should keep trying to think of interesting topics that readers like and keep being creative. Above all, they need to write articles not just for work, but for having fun.

What do you want to say to CBNU students?
You should pay attention to the stories and the happenings around you, not just to your studying or fun things. Pay attention to the local world and bigger world, too. Even this magazine is important because it deals with school life and the local world. So read The CBNU Globe!

 From Reporters
 Jeong Sol, Editor-in-chief
Did you ever want to leave the CBNU Globe?
- When I was a freshman, I had a hard time maintaining a good relationship with superiors. Whenever I had trouble with other people, I really wanted to quit. Now, I think not quitting was the best thing I ever did.

 Kim Seul-gi, Editor
What was the most exciting thing you have worked on in a long time?
- I have interviewed students, alumni, and professors who made notable achievements. While interviewing people who work in various categories and do their best, I realized that my view of the world became broader.

 Lee Soo-min, Editor
What did you gain through The CBNU Globe?
- I work for the university news desk, so I have interviewed many chiefs of the departments of CBNU. When I met them, they told me a lot of good information. Therefore, I gained lots of knowledge of the school’s departments.

 Park Da-hee, reporter
When do you feel proud of yourself as a CBNU reporter?
- I feel really great when I hear that overseas students call us and ask for information about the university. It makes me feel proud of making The CBNU Globe, which is sent to universities overseas and promotes CBNU.

 Heo Jeong-in, reporter
What is the hardest thing about writing articles?
- It might be finding a good story to write an article. We have to consider readers’ responses and timing. However, we make the magazine two months before its release, so it is hard to expect what will be popular in future.

 Moon Ye-in, reporter
What do you want to say to the CBNU students?
- Since I am a reporter of The CBNU Globe, I really hope for most of the people at CBNU to read the magazine and improve themselves. Reporters feel awesome and satisfied when many people read the articles!

 Ahn Ju-young, reporter
What would you compare to The CBNU Globe?
- I would say The CBNU Globe is a physical education class. Before the class starts, changing clothes is annoying. However, working out with friends is really fun. In this way, sometimes writing an article makes me stressed out, but I also enjoyed it.

 Lee Kyung-min, reporter
What was your purpose for joining The CBNU Globe?
- First, I wanted to do something useful for the whole school. I thought I could get an opportunity to represent CBNU through The CBNU Globe, and I still expect it as a reporter.

 Lee Seong-hee, reporter
What do you think reporters have to keep in mind?
- Reporters should remember that everything around them could be a topic for an article. So, the reporters should always have curiosity for any material and try to know it precisely.

 Lee Won-jai, reporter
What do you plan to do with The CBNU Globe in the future?
- At first, I planned to work at The CBNU Globe only for a year. However, I changed my plan to enter the army at least after sophomore year as I love to work in The CBNU Globe and I want to become an Editor-in-chief.

 Yu Som-yi, reporter
What are you trying to let people know about The CBNU Globe?
- I want more people to read The CBNU Globe. Thus, we make an effort to write more useful and interesting articles to secure our readers and increase the number of new readers.

 Ji Hyun-gyu, reporter
Have you ever been annoyed during your work as a reporter at The CBNU Globe?
- Many students recognize The CBNU Globe as an unofficial club. Then I always try to clarify that it is not. Through this chance, I want them to notice that The CBNU Globe is one of the press bodies as a school organization.
 To The CBNU Globe

1. Congratulatory Message from Kwon Gi-bok, Ex-Editor in 1992
- The word “First” makes people excited, as does the first love. I can remember the day when I received the first issue of The CBNU Globe, with both hope and worry. My period was for black and white newspapers, which were manually edited by the student reporters. We felt very proud of our performance, even though some of the articles were somewhat clumsy. However, the new magazine was full of colors and diverse topics, and I think these might make student reporters lose their reporters’ spirits. However, the first issue was a good turning point to catch up with a new era, opening wider roads to the world as well as to CBNU students. I’m really grateful to all the reporters and staff for your great efforts. Your 30th issue will be another stepping stone for better achievement. Congratulations!

2. How has The CBNU Globe helped you?
I really appreciate that The CBNU Globe delivers lots of useful information and school news. Also, every picture included in the magazine is high quality, and it helps me to understand the articles well. Thus, I could widen my view of the world. In addition, since The CBNU Globe is written in English, I can improve my English reading skill. Thank you, reporters!
- By Park Hyuong-won, a reader in the Dept. of English Language & Literature
 Cycle of The CBNU Globe

To publish one volume of the magazine, reporters have to work for two months. It is tough, but it makes them feel proud of themselves when the new magazine comes out. Let’s solve the curiosity about the process of making The CBNU Globe magazine!
First, reporters have an item meeting to discuss what to write. Every reporter should suggest items for every section of the magazine and evaluate each idea. Since this meeting is really important as the first step to publish the magazine, it can last for hours if there are not proper items.
On the basis of the item meeting, reporters submit plans that explain how to write articles. If they are allowed to write, reporters start to write articles.
Almost two weeks are given to reporters for writing articles. During these days, reporters contact various people and institutions to interview or seek advice. After the deadline, the editor-in-chief looks through all articles first. Then, the Managing editor modifies contents or mistakes. Lastly, the English advisor and editorial advisor complete articles.
When all of the articles are corrected, reporters have a design meeting. Reporters design the arrangement of the articles and find or take pictures that fit with the articles. Then they show their design to the designer and consult with him.
After the design meeting, the designer shows a draft of magazine and reporters check whether there are misprints or missing words. Three rounds of modification are done, and eventually the magazines are published. When magazines arrive in the office, reporters carry them all around the school. Then you can read the articles, like this one!

Up until now, we have looked at how the university press has brightened our students like a lighthouse. However, nowadays the press is in danger with students’ indifference. All of the hopes of the university press depend on you. The CBNU Globe promises to offer a high quality of articles consistently and also anticipates your concern for our hard work!

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