Familiarity Should Be Valued
Familiarity Should Be Valued
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Nowadays, it is hard to find empty sockets no matter where I go. Everybody puts smart phone chargers into themwhile in the café in the street or lecture room. Thanks to smart phones, we can search for anything when we are in doubt, find lots of information, and talk with people all over the globe. What a wonderful world! Unfortunately, the battery has an expected life of about eight hours when used under normal conditions. Such battery life is not enough to please everybody, so people start to seek out the sockets around them. They do not worry about charging their electronic equipment because they can charge their battery anywhere, anytime. This sight is familiar, but soon we may face circumstances in which this familiar situation vanishes.

The reason is a shortage of electrical supply. Last month, the operation of a nuclear power plant stopped because of its major core encountering a problem. Therefore, the supply of electrical powerbecame a serious problem. Although in July, August and September people especially want to use a lot of electrical energy, the electric power is not enough to fulfill people’s demand. To solve this problem, some enterprises have established new rules. For example, in some cases, employees do not need to wear ties during business hours, and some companies recommend for workers to wear cool clothes instead of stuffy and hot formal dress. Despite those policies and attempts, people do not feel the situation is serious, so they do not seem to follow the policy and law. Instead, they waste the electrical power even more. For example, in empty buses and vacant lecture rooms in university, the air-conditioning is in full activity. People even wear many layers of clothing because of the cold air-conditioning. Nobody tries to turn off the empty lecture room’s air conditioner. Recently, I read a newspaper article. It noted that one clothing store located in Myeong-dong welcomed guests with the door opened wide. The reporter asked the owner why she welcomed guests with the door open. She answered that if she closes the door, the guests do not enter her store, so she has to open the door wide, even with full-on air conditioning. What a strange situation.

In these situations, I think the problem is our attitude. We tend to take air-conditioning’s existence for granted and we also tend to take smart phone charging in the street for granted. Now it is time to think again about familiar things and change our attitude toward them. We always have to cherish them. Familiarity should be valued for all time.

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