Exploring High-tech Education
Exploring High-tech Education
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From June 24, 2013 to June 28, 2013, The CBNU Globe and our press center team went to Singapore. The purpose of our visit was to cover Nanyang Technological University(NTU). NTU is one of the national universities in Singapore. We saw the advanced technology of NTU and met an alumnus who studies at NTU. We also looked around at the tourist attractions in Singapore. Singapore is noted for its scenic beauty. Let’s check out more details about Singapore. 

Nanyang Technological University(NTU)

- Information on NTU
When expressing the status of Nanyang Technological University(NTU), people often say this: just as there is Massachusetts Institute of Technology in America, there is NTU

in Singapore. NTU is the National University located in Nanyang, Singapore. Besides NTU, there are two more national universities: the National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University. NTU comprises the College of Business, College of Engineering, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, and College of Science. The QS World University Rankings of Quacquarelli Symonds show how quickly NTU has been developing. According to the estimation of 2011, NTU was ranked 58th in the world. This means that NTU’s ranking jumped 16 steps in a year. The next year, NTU was ranked 47th in the world. NTU has been developing at a rapid space towards being the world’s best university of science and technology.

- Effort for Attaining the Goal
Globalization is also NTU’s issue of importance. So, NTU has established sister relations with 200 universities in 37 countries. NTU is very active in attracting foreign students and sending their studentsto foreign countries for globalization. Foreign students from avariety of countries form 20 percent of the total number of students. As a result of those working principles, there are many international exchange programs. The International Student Exchange Program (INSTEP), Global Immersion Program (GIP), and Global Summer Studies (GSS) are the representative programs.
In an effort for growth, not only the international exchange programs but also the E-Learning system is worthy of attention. E-Learning indicates NTU’s support for improving learning the quality of their students. NTU designed its E-Learning to gain effectiveness in learning and to fit into the new era. ‘Learning is everywhere with everyone’ is its motto. Also, participative, collaborative and sustainable learning are its keywords. The representative component is the ‘Campus-wide Lecture Capture Project’, through which students can learn from recorded lectures. To achieve this, they furnished facilities that are composed of modern equipment, a Centralized Command Centre and a recording room.

- Interviewwith Kim Sam-yeon, CBNU alumnus
1. What was the reason you decided to study in Singapore?
I came to Singapore after a year of doctoral course at CBNU. In Korea, the relationship between professor and student was uncomfortable. I thought that if I would study at foreign country, I could express my ideas more comfortably and I could do what I really wanted to do. After I decided to study abroad, I considered two conditions, reputable professors and better support scholarship. Then, one day, my wife's younger sister gave me good information about scholarships from A STAR(Agency for Science, Technology and Research). A STAR is one of government organizations of Singapore that researches about and develops new technology. I achieved that scholarship and came to Singapore.

2. How is the study environment of NTU in comparison with CBNU?
In respect to environment, NTU is one step ahead. When I was a student of CBNU, I had to be concerned about projects and spare a lot of time on projects. Now, I don't have to be concerned about projects and can enjoy projects related to my study. Also, I do not need to worry about trifles, for example, fixing one's computer. I can get a lot of time to concentrate on my study. However, I thought that some organizations in CBNU such as the library, Language Education Center and Information & Computing Center provided better services to students than NTU does.

3. Please share some useful words for CBNU students.
I think Korean students' perception, which prefers American universities to other Asian reputable universities, is not particularly good. You need to be selective about the university or country instead of choosing an American university. Also, study hard if you are preparing to study abroad. For a payoff in research results, English ability is fundamental. Firm understanding about your major is also a basic thing.

 The Main Attractions in Singapore

The Botanic Garden is the biggest garden in Singapore. It has a history of 140 years. This garden is a popular place where lovers come on dates and go on picnics. It has three big gardens and a lake. The Singaporeans made a beautiful walking path in this area. In particular, the Upper Ring Road is tastefully laid out.
In the Botanic Garden, there is a big orchid garden that possesses more than 1000 orchids. The ‘Bae Yong-joon orchid’ and ‘President Roh orchid’ are in this National Orchid Garden. Admission fees to the National Orchid Garden are S$5.

Moving on, the Jurong Bird Park is the largest bird park in Southeast Asia. There are more than 5,000 birds and 380 species living in the Jurong Bird Park. This park is designed to be environmentally friendly, and it has the highest artificial waterfall in the world.
We saw the birds walking around freely in front of the path. It was very amazing.
The All Star Bird Show is the most popular event in the Jurong Bird Park. A parrot came out and sang a happy birthday song. In the show, there were many chances when the audience could participate in the performance.

From the Skypark at Marina Bay Sands, you can appreciate a magnificent night view. Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort built by Korean Ssangyong construction in 2010. We went up in an express elevator to the 57th floor in the first dash. We looked down on the symbol of Singapore, the Merlion, the esplanade and the downtown of Singapore. We felt as if we were floating in the air.

Universal Studios is a theme park which is based on famous movies. The fastest way to go inside Universal Studios was by riding a cable car. Riding the cable car was really fast and comfortable. There was a big round globe with the word UNIVERSAL in front of the entrance. There were then three famous rides which were Transformers 3D, Water Land, and Jurassic Park. The most amazing show was the water show. The actors were played like in the action movies, but using water. It was realistic sight. Some actors came out to boost the atmosphere before starting the show. They sprayed water into the audience. Also, we saw the lot of characters of famous movies like Shrek and Kung Fu Panda. People wore the characters’ clothes and took pictures with us. Universal Studios gave everyone a happy and unique experience.

Through this story, we could go through Singapore’s various different sites and could understand the life style and disposition. There were many things that were different from ours, and we could catch something we have to learn.

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