A Sound CBNU in a Sound Body
A Sound CBNU in a Sound Body
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‘A sound mind in a sound body.’ This famous proverb is announced frequently, and it means that a sound body is important factor for a person’s life. As a university student, you have to think and act rightly. For practicing that, the body must be cared for and shaped. As a school institution for health, the Obesity Research Center of CBNU and Health Center contribute to building up people’s bodies.

<Obesity Research Center>
The ORC (Obesity Research Center) is an organization which has conducted many programs for keeping students’ health since 2002. The ORC cooperates with local clinics and various

departments such as Nursing, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Sports Science, and Physical Education in order to research about obesity from diverse perspectives. It uses the slogan ‘Healthy Weight, Healthy Tomorrow’ to do its best for students, faculty and even local people around us.
The people in the ORC work within the four big categories of Education, Research, Service, and Application. They educate people from elementary kids to the grown-ups about eating-disorders and obesity. Also, they support the presence of several exercise machines at some offices to encourage people to work out. These kinds of approaches in people’s lives change them to live in a healthier way.

 An interview with Park Tae-sun, the chairman of the Obesity Research Center of CBNU

Q: Give us a brief introduction about yourself.
A: I have worked as a doctor at CBNU Hospital. I mainly treat endocrine diseases such as obesity and diabetes. As I have met many obese patients, I can understand their habits or characteristics more easily. Therefore I could be the chairman.

Q: Who is the most memorable student that participated in the program?
A: After finishing the program, one girl said that she reduced her weight by 18kg and got confidence through the program. As a result, she got high scores that semester. She expressed gratitude to us and I felt proud of my job.

Q: What is the most popular program?
A: We examine students who live in the dormitory while giving them fermented soybean pills. We expect that these pills will make them lose weight. Also, students who participate will receive some fees. They only need to eat pills regularly, so many students apply for this program.

Q: What do you ask students who worry about obesity to do?
A: People usually don’t know how wrong their eating habits are. The most important thing is to stop eating snacks. If people try that, they can lose 3-4kg even if they eat three meals.

 The Programs of the ORC so far
As people’s concern for their health and life habits and diseases have increased, the ORC has developed various programs to lose weight and keep healthy. There was the ‘Obesity Research School’ which took place from 2009 to 2010 for elementary school students who were obese. The ORC educated them on exercising, medical health, and so on. Also, it induced them to change eating habits as well as lose weight.
For office workers who were overweight or obese, the ORC offered a program including education on nutrition and exercising in 2009. Furthermore, as metabolic syndrome appears frequently to modern people, the ORC gathered a cohort that consisted of women who were warned of metabolic syndrome to manage eating habits and actions online and offline in 2010. Also, from 2010 until now, a program allowed elementary or middle school students to experience traditional food and make Korean dishes in person.

 The ORC This Year
This year the ORC is operating a program for CBNU students. It started March 1st and will be finished on December 31st. It is also divided into two semesters of progress. For participation in this program, applicants must firstly have examinations: body-composition such as BMI (Body Mass Index) through bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) and waist-hip ratio measured by skin fold caliper. Secondly, they have to take a blood test to confirm the amount of cholesterol, glucose, and triglycerides. Finally, they must do a survey to investigate eating habits and behavior and knowledge of nutrition.
According to the result of these examinations, applicants whose BMI is higher than 25 and who are identified as overweight and obese can attend the program. The ORC corrects their bad eating habits and educates them on how to select the right diet. Furthermore, it plans meals individually. For exercise management, they do simple stretching and strengthening to improve basic physical fitness. As time goes by, new exercises such as yoga or jazz dance are introduced. Exercising runs three times a week for one hour each day. In addition, special lectures about health care are delivered by faculty at CBNU. Even when the program is finished, the ORC manages applicants consistently to maintain their health.
Through the program, applicants can be offered high-quality health management by specialists. They can correct wrong habits and obtain effective nutrition knowledge. Most of all, this program inspires students’ confidence. If the applicants attain their goals of losing weight, the ORC even gives them scholarships. This contributes to making a sound CBNU and being a model of health care that can be benchmarked.

 Happy Lunch Box
To treat obesity, eating a well-balanced diet is as important as doing exercise. Therefore the ORC also studies how to make up a healthy diet for a lunch box. The diet is systematic and reliable as the ORC developed the menu through several investigations. First, it investigated people’s preference in diet and four weeks’ worth of menu items. Then it distinguished people by dietary reference intakes for Koreans. While concentrating on managing nutrition, which is easy to be overlooked, the diet was planned for each individual. Finally, panels that were composed of experts and consumers evaluated the diet. According to the evaluation, the diet would be corrected or complemented. The final meal would be delivered at a low price. The ORC also developed a seasonal diet and special diet.

 An Interview with Kim Jong-kyoung in the Division of Business Administration, a participant in the ORC program.
Q: How did you apply for the program?
A: I applied for the 12-week program in the 2nd semester of 2011 through the school homepage notification. Also, they offered scholarship to whoever accomplished their goals of losing weight. As I was qualified as overweight and wanted to get a scholarship, I participated in this program.

Q: What has changed since the program?
A: First, I lost almost 20 pounds and I gained confidence at the same time. Second, I learned to work out every day for at least an hour and to check how many calories there are before I eat any food. These two good habits have kept my weight almost the same since the program was over without any side-effects or gaining it back.

Q: What was the most difficult part when you were on the program?
A: When I was about to start the program, it was really hard for me to admit the fact that I could be obese. While I was participating in the program, controlling my appetite was the most difficult thing. I realized eating problems are really important even though I do exercise regularly.

Q: How did the program work?
A: First, there was a group work-out session. All applicants met up at the gym twice a week doing jogging or easy aerobics. Second was self-exercise. Anytime in the day, I must work out at the school gym for at least an hour. The most meaningful thing was counseling. I wrote down everything I had eaten and checked with professors about my food selection. They told me about what to eat and what to avoid.

<Health Center>

The health center is placed on the 2nd floor of Husaenggwan. All the students and school faculty can visit there. It has a reception, medical office, dental office, obesity care clinic, prescription office, physical therapy office, inspection office, radiation room and supersonic wave room.

Furthermore, the center has started some kinds of cooperation with different organizations: things like working with Jeonju clinics in order to do smoking cessation programs and working with the ORC for help in preventing obesity. It also does health examinations, so students who want to live in the dormitory or get treated should do this.
The center also provides several vaccinations. Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccinations are provided when the result of the blood test proves that the antibody is negative. Moreover, the health center vaccinates people against influenza starting in October. In particular, the most popular vaccination is the preventive shot for cervical cancer. The center provides it without any other charge but the cost of the medicine as long as the students paid the medical expense at school. This shot needs to be taken over 6 months, so students better pay the expense right on time to take all the advantages. This shot is also good for men to keep them away from potential sexual disease.
The best advantage of using this center is that most of the services they provide are free. Not only are excellent facilities provided, but outstanding specialists also take care of sick patients. Several retired doctors from CBNU hospital take turns once a week. They volunteered to devote their talents to making the center such a reliable place for students. Not stopping at this point, the center will try to widen the range of medical services like psychiatry for students’ mental illnesses and orthopedics for students who get hurt from sports. 
As civilization advances, the average span of people’s lives increases. To live well for a long time, health must be the highest priority. For CBNU students and the locals, the Obesity Research Center and Health Center are always open. Let’s visit there and receive systematic help. Then we can be healthier, and this will make our lives much happier.

 Address
<ORC>First floor of Jinsudang, 664-14, Deokjin-dong, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju, 561-756, Jeonbuk
<Health Center> Second floor of Husaenggwan, 664-14, Deokjin-dong, deokjin-gu, Jeonju, 561-756, Jeonb

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