Being a Good Leader!
Being a Good Leader!
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Suppose you were part-timers in a restaurant. Imagine your boss speaks to you in one of two ways. First, the restaurant owner comes and says, “Tomorrow, customers will come. Clean up the restaurant!” Alternately, he says, “We have to do things rapidly. You may lighten the load of your work if you do it right now. We have to clean up this room because tomorrow my precious guests will come to our restaurant. If you clear it away cleanly, we can present a good image to our customers and you also can improve your image and value.” Which one attracts you to work right away? Indeed, what do you think about the leader’s situation and qualification?

● What Is Leadership?
We call a superb leader one who wins respect from others and keeps everybody focused on good work and a positive outcome. Wherever you go, there exists a leader at all times. If the leader can’t work effectively and only thinks about himself or herself, team members will suffer from many problems. Also, the leader who doesn’t try to communicate with others and decides things dictatorially can’t become a good leader. However, when a leader respects others’ stories and thinking, the team members will also listen to the leader’s opinion and follow him or her. Communication is not a one-sided thing. It’s a two-way street.

● To Become a Leader, Follow These Directions!

1. Always Set a Good Example To Others.
If leaders don’t do their best no matter what, members will not trust the leaders and will also not do their best to make something. However, good leaders set an example to members. They take the initiative and solve the problems first. This kind of leader is held high in honor. In this way, the most important role of being a good leader is respecting others, doing one’s best and valuing each and every person. This is the first condition for being a good leader.

2. Offer a Vision!
It is very hard to grasp the value from doing things at first, but a good leader offers a vision to members in advance. Suggesting a vision is also the role of a leader.

3. Work for a Team, Not for an Individual!
Frankly speaking, team members usually follow a leader when there is an advantage for them. If the leader seeks a profit for his or her hands only, that kind of leader will deaden the motivation of members. Finally the team will just crumble. A leader has to remember to think about and try to embrace all members.

● A Former President, Lula da Silva: The Leadership of the People, by the People, for the People

“In Brazil, the most precious present is YOU, Brazilian,” Brazilian former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said. In the lifetime of his government, the Brazilian economy was revived and changed the lives of millions of ordinary people. Lula kept his promise for his nation’s people. Eventually, when he retired from the presidency, the approval rating for him was 87%. How amazing!
Lula’s broad-minded leadership and sincerity are coming into the spotlight. In 1945, he was born in a slum town. Because of poverty, he couldn’t graduate even from elementary school and instead labored as worker. He also participated in the labor movement. Finally, he was elected president of Brazil. What is the reason that Lula has had the support and love of the people?
Lula had three important principles of leadership. The first principle was consistency of speech and action. Lula was always a man of his word. Though he experienced trial and error, he kept his election pledges and had a strong sense of responsibility. Lula also demonstrated communicative leadership. It was his strongest point. He didn’t use complicated phrases. He conveyed his words concisely and easily to the nation. Lastly, he displayed leadership in his decisions. When he decided to do something, he put ideas into action. This kind of charisma enabled him to advance the progress of work. Together, these three principles of leadership made the nation fall in love with him.

● Hong Myung-bo: He Made a Miracle with Leadership
In the 2012 London Olympics, the Korean soccer team won bronze for the first time. Korean soccer team coach Hong Myung-bo seemed to be unperturbed, and he encouraged players. With this thinking and action, he might get Korea back on track. Sure enough, after winning the bronze in soccer, Hong Myung-bo’s leadership popped up in every newspaper and on every Internet portal site.
Hong Myung-bo’s style of leadership contains three ideas. The first one is horizontal communication. This talent isn’t found easily in Eastern society, but Hong owns this gift. He puts emphasis on the human relationship: that the leader is not a person with an oppressive and authoritative mind. The second principle is respecting others. He respects individuals and their abilities. Trust and belief in their leader gave his team the power of synergy. The last factor is service ideal. He said, “Don’t raise ability just for your sake; do build team spirit, dedication and commitment with your colleagues.” Maybe the Korea soccer team won because of Hong’s three ideas of leadership.

● Jennifer Soft Inc: Soft and Creative Leadership
There is a swimming pool in the company office, and business hours are 35 hours per week, including swimming time. Additionally, even if the children come to the company of their fathers or mothers, the company welcomes them, and the CEO and board members trust employees and guarantee their autonomy. Furthermore, working at Jennifer Soft is a well-paying job, so there is no impediment for living.
Everyone may have thought at least once about working in a dreamlike company such as Google or Apple. But there also exists a dreamlike company in Korea. That’s Jennifer soft. Jennifer Soft CEO Lee Won-young says that reduction of working hours is the most important factor for a good living and working condition, so he decided on 35 working hours. “Why can’t the employees play in the company?” Lee says. This thought is nice and wonderful, but it is very difficult to say if you are in the position of CEO and leader. He thinks that the basic precondition for showing one’s ability and capability is autonomy. Therefore, he guarantees employees autonomy and awakens their passion. His unusual and creative leadership makes the company run very well.

As in these cases, a leader is a companion, not a conductor and a ruler, and a good leader controls members suitably. The leader enables each member to be a much better person and to create synergy. Think about the role of leader again and try to be a good leader. You are the best person in the world!

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