Everything for Sale
Everything for Sale
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Have you imagined buying something that used to be free? In the past, nobody imagined this. However, you buy water even today. It is also taken for granted that we never drink water freely. In sci-fi movies, lots of unreal events occur. The future we imagine in the movie is going to be a real situation, and now this is one present circumstance. These situations will be continuing and increasing. Then, what other things can be bought in the future? Let’s think about it.

<Sales Items Now>

Water & Air
When we were young there was no doubt in drinking water anywhere we wanted. However, everything changed. In every store, there are various kinds of water, from cheap water

produced in the domestic market to the water collected from the Alps. Rich people are also enjoying the taste of water in water bars, which they like and want regardless of price.
Even though you can inhale or exhale air everywhere, people want fresher and better air to resist pollution. As a result, air becomes a product in the new market. In China, when the smog was its worst, thunderous amounts of people bought canned air to breath. The particular situation and customer sentiment make things into a sellable product. Water and air became products because of this reason.
We can expect that thoughts would be sold. From time to time, we find many places on the Internet selling research or theses. This is knowledge property. This market will become bigger and bigger.

Each airline gives mileage to passengers. When you use any airline, it accumulates points equivalent to the distances which you fly, though criteria are different from each airline. With the mileage, you can buy anything you want or use the service that the airline offers. Recently, mileage has usually been sold.

Game Items
More and more people enjoy playing game. When you play a game, you are trying to get unique game items. The rarer the item is, the more the price of the item increases. We are selling our own items to other people, and most people conduct these sales often. Furthermore, this market is more competitive than you imagine.

As the technology develops, new things become ready to be sold or bought. Domain is the one of them. Domain is the region that can be controlled by the network, expressed in English. The domains are now being sold at prices which seem qualified.

Breast Milk
As the working moms are increasing, the time to feed their babies breast milk is decreasing. However, ironically, the importance of breast milk is extending. Thus, there are new markets selling breast milk. In particular, in an English café, breast milk is one of the menu items at 14 pounds.

<Predictable Sales Items from Movie>

Time from ‘In Time’
In this movie, in the near future, all the people stop aging at 25 and receive a ‘count body watch’ carved into their arms. This watch gives people a one-year period of stay. For one year people buy food, take the bus, rent houses, and buy everything that is needed in people’s lives with time. However, when people spend all their time and the
number turns to zero, the people will instantly die of a stroke. This story is about Will Salas (Justine Timberlake), who is being pressed for time.
In the movie, although there is no market selling or buying time, if you watch the movie, you may guess that time will be a product which can be bought or sold.

Memory from ‘Love for Sale’
This movie’s setting is Busan. The industry of selling memory begins. Selling memory makes couples lose their memories of love. Then they are falling in fatal love again. In this movie, people sell memories of humans. The stronger the memory is, the higher the price is. Through this movie, we can expect the future market in which memory is a popular product among people.

Human Clones from ‘The Island’
This is a story about human clones. People are living in a restricted place. Because of an ecological disaster on earth, only half of the humans are alive, and they are living in the space which is very restricted and safe. Every day, they check their health and eat only the safe food, living in the unpolluted areas. Also, they hope to live on “the island,” a place full of happiness. However, they are all human clones. Lincoln (Ewan McGregor) doubts their normalized life. Finally, he figures out that they are human clones, and they try to escape from that space to live their own lives.
In this movie, the human clone is the main material that the director wants to talk about. If people lose their family members or lovers, they can buy clones. They will soon live with and love the clones.

<Guess More!>

Have you ever thought that intelligence could be sold at a specific price? This might be your future. The higher the IQ is, the higher the price is. These days, the society is competitive, so people need more ability than others. By buying the intelligence of brains, they could adapt to the competitive society more easily.

Maintaining relationships between people is a hard job. In the future, there will be a market for selling relationships. You can choose the person you want to be close to. If you pay for it, then instantly the relationship ensues.

With the technological development, people are making new things that help us to have a convenient life. Lots of things are traded in the market. Even the things that we cannot imagine will be on the market. In the end, everything which exists will be for sale!

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