Too Much is As Bad As Too Little
Too Much is As Bad As Too Little
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When the new semester starts, the campus is always full of energy. A number of club tents allure freshmen, and wandering freshmen look so young and fresh. Even though the campus in the daytime is so active, the streets at night are full of drunken young people. Every time I go to school in the morning, I see a messy trail that the drunken young people left the day before. This shows us the dark side of the campus drinking culture. Now I am a junior, and I have gone through five new semesters. During my campus life, I have realized that drinking takes a quite big part of campus life.

Almost every university has an orientation even before starting the new semester. When I was a freshman, I also attended the orientation and I realized for the first time that drinking was important. The orientation was short, but the drinking session was long. People didn’t drink because they were happy. Actually, they seemed happy because of drinking. People who didn’t drink couldn’t get along with others. Some people even judge others’ social ability by their drinking quantity. Worse, accidents really happen when people drink too much. We can often see news on university students' drinking accidents every new semester. Now, we should recognize about this serious problem.

The traditional common idea in Korea is one of the reasons that have contributed to this Korean drinking culture. Korea has been very generous with drinking for a long time. Traditionally, people have partaken of sacrificial food and drink after performing ancestral worship rituals. Parents teach their grownup children how to drink with the meaning of becoming an adult, and people who enjoy drinking are considered as having a taste for the arts. As this idea continues into the present time, drinking quantity is even used as a standard for a successful social life. In Korean court, sometimes a criminal's sentence can be reduced when they commit a crime under the influence of alcohol. Do you think this is right?

One’s drinking habit which is built in university in the early adult age is so important because it can last a lifetime. Regarding drinking culture as important, there are positive movements to establish a healthy drinking culture. In some universities, anti-alcoholism clubs are made and universities throw themselves into the matter with enthusiasm to encourage a healthy drinking culture. Some companies refrain from having continuous drinking get-togethers and encourage sound ones. Just like this, we all must try to build a better drinking culture. Don’t offer drink to others. That is a kind of violence. Also, you must reject drinking when you don’t want to and don’t drink too much yourself. I really hope not to encounter accidents because of drinking on the news anymore.

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