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The University Life
2013년 03월 25일 (월) 15:10:15 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

I’m a third-year student this year. I also became a senior at the CBNU Globe. My friend and I will lead our department from now on. We had a lot of meetings for creating a new atmosphere and planning how to manage our department for one year.
It seems like I started university just a few days ago, and half the time has already passed. Sometimes I miss when I was a freshman, when I didn’t have any concern. Now what I am worried the most about are my grades and specs to get a job later. I major in engineering, so everyone has said it is easy to get a job. Still, all students in my major also worry about getting a job and study for their degrees all night long, the same as other majors’ students.
Frankly speaking, I didn’t concentrate a lot on my major studies last year. I didn’t feel any tension if I saw my friends studying hard. Now, though, my friends and my seniors say, “Now you are a third-year. You have to worry about getting a job from now on.” Suddenly my heart beats fast and a lot of thinking comes into my head. I feel afraid. What am I going to do for my grades and for the time which has already passed? When I think of what I did over the past two years, it involved the CBNU Globe. For two years, while I worked in this department, I always gave my magazine to everyone around me and told them I made this magazine. I was very proud of being a reporter at the Globe, and I really enjoyed writing articles and was very happy whenever my magazine was published.
Looking back into my university life, I did a lot of things due to my activities with the CBNU Globe. When I was a freshman, I was a member of the National Election Commission in our school, so our team made a regulation for managing the election. Later, when I was in my second year, I went overseas to volunteer in Laos. I really felt a lot of things from overseas volunteering that I couldn’t feel in Korea. I wanted to stay there for a long time, and I didn’t want to go back home. Then, a month ago, I went to journalism school for exchanging information with the reporters in other universities. I met a lot of the other schools’ students and saw newspapers from other schools. I felt I really liked my magazine and when I introduced the CBNU Globe magazines to other reporters I felt very proud and confident.
Now I love the CBNU Globe and it is all of my university life. I want all the people reading this to do what they really like and have something to make them proud and confident, same as I am at the CBNU Globe. After you graduate from school, will you be able to say what you did in your university life? I think people work in places which represent themselves. Oh – and study for your grades, of course!

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