The Life of a Magnanimous Donor
The Life of a Magnanimous Donor
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-Alumnus Dr. Sin-keun Youn

There has been a person who donated a lot of money to his school for younger generations. He decided to help students in Chonbuk National University to study under better circumstances. Dr. Sin-keun Youn is the person who put forth this effort. The CBNU Globe met Youn, an established veterinarian.

Q: Although people have a lot of money, it is not easy to donate. But you donated a big sum of money, about 1.1 billion won. Please tell me your thinking when you donated this money?

A: When I was young, I learned from my father that I should share what I had with others if I became wealthy. Meanwhile, I made an offering of money to help the poor at church and gave a scholarship for students and to help other neighbors in need. I think the property that I have is more useful when it is used in other places such as schools and state institutions. And I donate with the mindset of no attachment to material things, like the Buddha.

Q: You’ve donated to a Development Fund since 2000. How do you want this money to be used?

A: Jesus said, “Don’t let your right hand know how your left hand is helping others.” I don’t mind how it is used because I already gave it to the school. Also, I want to be self-effacing. I don’t want a Sin-Keun Youn fund development or Sin-Keun Youn scholarship. I just gave all responsibility to the school.
Q: What is your special affection or attention to the CBNU students?

A: All people think of hometown, family, and neighbor. My alma mater is very important. It’s my root. My learning and lifestyle came from Chonbuk National University, so I think I should help my university by setting an example. I helped a lot of other schools, but I’ve got a very special affection regarding CBNU. I’m very proud that CBNU is my school, and when I go to the school, I’m very cozy. When I went to school last, a number of thoughts crossed my mind about the life from 41 years ago. I really liked that. I wish for future students in the school to succeed in the future more than anyone else.

Q: I heard that you have an unusual love for animals, write books, and have a career in broadcasting. Can you tell me the reason you’ve succeeded in many ways?

A: That’s because I think differently from others: to be generous to others, to set myself up as a standard for others and to have a lot of thinking and dreams. These are very hard to practice. To rest myself is easy. However, I value winning a battle with myself over it, so I make a lot of efforts in being a good speaker in broadcasting. I practiced speaking while looking at the mirror and read a lot of high school and middle school text books aloud. When I prepare like this, a sort of telepathy comes to me. Sometimes I think when I prepare, people need me. Broadcasting stations and newspapers call me. Then I give all my passion.

Q: Will you keep donating for CBNU students?

A: Of Course. I want to donate for an animal hospital in the College of Veterinary Medicine when I have the ability.

Q: Is there something you want to say to CBNU students who make efforts in their major studies?

A: I want my CBNU students to have dreams and hope. When they have dreams they can develop more. And have a self ceremony celebrating it when you achieve your dreams, then you can really dream more. Don’t settle for the present and don’t drink too much.

We were really impressed about his thoughts of this life. Through his advice we must fulfill our dreams. You can realize the effort is the most important factor in your life. Make your dreams be feasible with your efforts like he said.

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