Your Gem is Very Beautiful
Your Gem is Very Beautiful
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The College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), which is the final gateway of Korean high school seniors, was finished again this year without exception. The students have been under a lot of stress about CSAT for three years. Then, now what do they want to do? Travelling? Loafing at home? Reading a book? According to a survey, they want to do plastic surgery first after the CSAT. Likewise, the trend of plastic surgery is prevalent in men and women of all ages in Korea. There are new terms: CSAT Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery for Finding a Job and Vacation Plastic Surgery. Recently, there have been many students who have done plastic surgery only to be pretty since becoming middle school students. Also, there is plastic surgery shopping that can help you choose a good plastic surgeon. As this plastic surgery boom is widely known along with Korean plastic surgery skill, foreigners visit for the better plastic surgery. Korea is really a plastic surgery kingdom.
The cause of this plastic surgery boom is the wrong appearance-oriented nature of our society. For example, in various TV programs, entertainers talked about their plastic surgery story. Also, there is always someone who became more beautiful after plastic surgery in everyday news. Moreover, they talked about surgery for bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion easily. The problem is that they use it only for cosmetic surgery, not for cure, and what is worse, people have become dulled to the danger of this surgery. This can cause some people to do plastic surgery. Secondly, because of the increasing the level of income and spreading of beauty conception, people regard the body or face as an investment target.
Even so, plastic surgery is not so bad. If it is used to heal a twisted appearance in an accident or congenital deformity, it doesn’t matter. It does matter if you want to have plastic surgery on your face to only be more beautiful, although you don’t have any disorder.
Therefore, we need various efforts to break down this trend. You must know that value and beauty of the inner side is more important than appearance. It is important that our society standard that appearance is a main recruitment factor must be changed to reflect inner value. We have different individuality. Every individual has his or her own gem. If you make it the same as others, your gem will drop in value. Therefore, I hope that you carve your gem with your unique character.

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