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“To Turn All Members’ Collective Ideas into the Power for University Development”
2013년 01월 16일 (수) 13:54:23 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr
A new year has begun. I'm sure Chonbuk National University will be full of auspicious energy this year, feeling the vigor of the first sun that has risen above the Geonji mountain. I wish you every success with this bright start!
Chonbuk National University has carried out its responsibility as truly being a university of regional strength to the fullest since its establishment in 1947. Now, it is leaping into the global prestigious universities which are representative of Korea.
In particular, CBNU raised its status to a higher level on the strength of all members’ devotion and community supports despite challenge and obstacles from both inside and outside. As you know, CBNU was ranked six in domestic universities in evaluation of world universities by The Times and Thomson Reuters. Also, according to Leiden Ranking, which assesses competitiveness of research of scientific techniques, CBNU got third place in Korea and first place among the local national universities. This proves that CBNU does a lot of high-quality research. Moreover, only CBNU has moved up in the rankings in the evaluation by The JoongAng Ilbo for five years in a row. The sixth place in nation for educational condition and the first place in national university for globalization indicate directly the effort of CBNU to nurture global talents. Proudly, it took the first ranking in the evaluation of satisfaction for university service.
Today CBNU is the most noteworthy university. However, the innovation and endeavour to develop our university must go on. We often watched many cases where to rest on one’s laurels finally ends in failure. Therefore, to continue the university’s sweeping upturn, I think all school members should elevate our collective ideas into the power for university development. Thus, I will manage the university with an open mindset to give careful attention to all members and to maximize profits of the university. I will wait for you, holding the door open. Any proposals for university progress are always welcome. I will actively accept all your opinions to establish the status of this prestigious university. I will also check the strengths and weaknesses of the university again. Up until now, CBNU has made big progress in research and educational condition but I still feel something wanting in employment rate and the number of thesis per professor. I plan to increase support and to improve the systems in order to make up for these weak points.
Please give the university your interest and support, and join in the remarkable jump of the university in the New Year. I hope you will remember your strong school spirit is the most powerful force leading the great advance of Chonbuk National University. Again I wish you a prosperous New Year! Thank you very much!


Suh Geo-suk, President
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