Feel, Cheer and Enjoy!
Feel, Cheer and Enjoy!
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In 1982, a big crowd gathered in front of the baseball ticket office in Seoul Baseball Park. That day, the game between MBC Chungyong and SAMSUNG Lions marked the start of the historical professional baseball. Though 30 years have passed, professional baseball is still popular even today. Now it is the baseball game season and all people are enthusiastic about this time. Lovers share their love by eating lunch in the outfield and university students cheer noisily in the front of the cheering section. Also, families go on picnics to the baseball park on weekends. Whatever their reasons, many of our nation’s people visit baseball parks at least once a year. Therefore, baseball marketing firms always smile and expect enormous sales.

● Baseball Marketing Business
According to the sports marketing center, the economic impacts

of professional baseball in 2010 were about one billion won. This statistic reflects the consumption of spectators who visit baseball parks and the promotion effect in the marketing business. Due to this atmosphere, sports brand companies are enjoying immense public popularity. Each sports brand is developing and making baseball goods. The most popular items are of course the uniform and cap, but nowadays, smart phone cases and hair accessories are becoming more and more popular. In other words, the range of choices is expanding more and more.
Sports brand companies are also focusing on developing products for increasing numbers of female fans. Items related to baseball are sold out in online malls, at home stands and at major supermarkets, and the total sales volume jumped 20 percent from last year’s. Because the Korean baseball team took second place in 2009, the popularity is becoming higher than in the past and the marketing company is growing steadily. Furthermore, baseball marketing business teams are spending very busy time due to the new trend of increasing female spectators. Typically people have thought that baseball was a sport for men, but nowadays four out of ten spectators are female. This fact will act as a big variable in determining whether their business items succeed or fail. Last year, the percentage of female spectators was nearly 39.2%.
Now that female fans have become an important factor for baseball popularity, baseball marketing companies and professional baseball league clubs are trying very hard to capture women’s fiery hearts. In particular, the LG Twins and DOOSAN Bears are moving briskly because they have the highest number of female fans nationally. For example, the Twins are carrying out Lady’s Day and Kid’s Day for female spectators and kids and opening various kinds of services like nail art, make up and tarot card readings.

● Are You Ready to Enjoy a Baseball Game?
Now, let’s go to the baseball park to enjoy and experience the baseball game! What is the suitable fashion for a baseball park? What kinds of food are in one? A person who doesn’t have any experience of a baseball game will have many questions. The unusual scenery of cheering and the unique fashion style become objects of our attention. The best baseball fashion style is a casual look and active style, not a lovely blouse and skirt. Of course, a jumper is necessary when going to a baseball park. A jumper plays an important role because it can protect you from the sun and wind, so a baseball jumper is used in various ways. Women wear a variety of pants. Commonly they put on denim pants and put on a skirt or short pants to make a sexy impression on the other people. And there is an important fact to remember: you have to wear sunglasses or a cap to protect your eyes and hair because a game lasts at least three hours. Wearing sun cream is also necessary so that you can enjoy the baseball game.
The next item of preparation is food. Sometimes, there are people who come into the baseball park to enjoy food. Nowadays the variety of food has increased compared to the past. For example, spectators prefer chicken, pizza, pork belly and so on. Let me introduce to you the three best foods that you can enjoy in the baseball park. For all ages, the best pair in the baseball park is chicken and beer. You can find chicken easily anywhere, like in the market or at a roadside store. The next is hamburgers. Chicken and hamburgers make your stomach feel good. If you choose a hamburger, you can eat your meal while watching the baseball game and concentrate on game. The last food is patbingsu (red bean sherbet). In summer, the inside of the baseball park is very hot because the park is full of hot steam and air. If you eat cool patbingsu, you can cheer on you team excitedly even if your team plays badly.

● Enjoy a Baseball Game with Your Body!
Now, check your schedule and arrive at the baseball park an hour early. After arriving, you have to buy your game ticket. If you don’t know about baseball, purchase an infield general admission seat. Generally the seats in the baseball park consist of special seats, reserved seats, infield general admission seats and outfield seats. Once you sit in your designated seat, it is time to get absorbed into the baseball game from that moment. The high point of the baseball game is the cheerleaders and ardent cheering. There are many people who fall for the fun of cheering and go back to the baseball park to enjoy another game. You can relieve your stress through the exciting cheering and singing the team’s songs.
Before going to the baseball park, you need to practice your fight songs. This way you can participate in the cheering situation and enjoy the baseball game. And if you are cheating in love, be careful of the “kiss time”! You can share love with your partner and draw a prize. Not only that, watching the first pitch is a good opportunity to enjoy the baseball game and have more fun. But most of all, without any knowledge about baseball, you can enjoy a baseball game by joining in the atmosphere of the baseball park and cheering with other spectators.

The age of professional baseball is 31 years, and baseball has become a national sport. Still, sports managements have to rebuild their infrastructures and do their best for their players and their many fans to make professional baseball the best it can be. This weekend, how about going on a picnic to the baseball park with your family or your partner?

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