The Library People
The Library People
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I don't like the library. The reason is simple.

1. The stuffy air makes me think about doing anything else.
2. Just being in this place makes me sleepy.

The library, however, must be a very important place to us. I also visit there when exams approach, but these days, I go to the library every day to prepare for an important exam. It is an unusual thing for me to visit there except when preparing for a school exam. When visiting the library every day, I wonder about a lot of people there. What are they studying? Despite summer vacation, people are attending the library steadily, and those people are really amazing, I think.

The school exam was my only reason to go to library, but now I have a purpose for myself which makes me go to the library every day. Oh my goodness, I have become one of the library people, too! In fact, no one would choose to be one of the library people from the beginning, without purpose. The purpose is our own dream.

To achieve each dream, people study what they need. Studying is very hard. It seems endless. To some, it might be easy, but to me, it is not. Studying is like a battle with myself. Some may study only for academic interest, but those people wouldn't exist much in busy society. We study to fight with our enemy, and the enemy would appear to us in the name of “examination”. From my experience, the most difficult thing while preparing for a exam is a fear of failure. Negative feelings like fear about results cause pain. It doesn’t mean that to study is easy, but if you indeed concentrate on it, it can be another activity. Maybe it can be a hobby. But when people study, they feel skeptical, as though someday everything could go down the drain. Standing in the middle of everything or nothing, they suffer, and the fear leads them to loneliness. This is another difficulty. Studying isn't what somebody at my side teaches me. We have to make an effort alone and overcome problems by ourselves. While concentrating on something, we cannot share feelings with another person, and that brings us serious loneliness. That feeling is doubled when we are in the library. Because each person concentrates on something for himself or herself, nobody cares about each other. We can feel more lonely and empty in the library.

Nevertheless, the reason why I go to the library is a dream to achieve. It makes me go there even though I know it's not easy, and I attend the library to struggle. I am one of the library people now.

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