Now we guard Korea!
Now we guard Korea!
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-The First Female ROTC Students

In February 2012, there was an entrance ceremony for the five first female ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) members at CBNU. They will receive varied education alongside the male ROTC starting this year. After graduating, they will be commissioned as second lieutenants. Considering this event, The CBNU Globe wanted to hear what they thought as the first female ROTC in CBNU.

 Female ROTC cadets

Park Su-bin, The Dept. of Food Science and Technology
Park Eun-hye, The Dept. of Food Science and Human Nutrition
Park Hwa-jin, The Dept. of English Language & Literature
Song Hye-jung, The Dept. of Animal Science
Jung Ae-ran, The Dept. of Mathematics

1. How do you feel about becoming the first female ROTC members at CBNU?
A) First, we’re proud to be ROTC ourselves. Also, our parents are proud of us. We feel really great about having peculiarity which we can express to anybody. Moreover, when we walk on campus wearing the uniform, people are interested in us because we are women. We’re very appreciative of this attention. Above all things, we’re honored about becoming the first female ROTC members at CBNU.

2. What made you enlist in the ROTC and how did your acquaintances respond?
A) There are many relatives who had served as army officers in my family, so they got me interested in the military. Also, it is congruous to my character. For this reason, I decided to apply to the ROTC. Of course, I heard many voices of concern about becoming an ROTC member, especially from my brothers who had served in military. However, now they say “I am very proud of you.”

3. How did you prepare for the ROTC?
A) The exam is divided into two parts: written test and physical evaluation. We studied for the written test hard and exercised every morning and evening to pass the exam. To prepare for the interview, we also took interest in news and current events. Although these preparations were very important, we thought the most important thing was mind control. Body and mind ability were influenced by that.

4. I heard that male ROTC members work as military officers after receiving their education as juniors and seniors. What education will you take as juniors and seniors in the female ROTC?
A) There is no difference between male and female ROTC. After we are treated as ROTC in the education and physical training, we will work in the army as officers for two years commonly. In other words, we take the education needed for the army during the school year and physical training during the vacation. Also, we are learning “basic living manners” like drinking manners, phone etiquette and attitudes for superiors.

5. What are you doing as female ROTC?
A) There is no difference between male and female. If we say one thing, working as female ROTC is to support applicants who want to be female ROTC. Also, we talk about the story of our experiences as superiors.

6. What are some of the female ROTC members’ strong points?
A) I think that they are delicate and punctual. Also, the number of female ROTC joined at the same time is so small that we have deep love with each other. In other words, I have lifelong friends to be absolutely on my side without family.

7. What is the hardest part about training?
A) There are some difficult things because the army is a male-oriented society. First, it is difficult to go to the toilet during training. The second is a physiological phenomenon such as menstruation. And the uniform and equipment are designed especially for a man’s body type. Since all superiors are men, we feel difficulty in approaching them. One of the biggest problems is physical weakness. Although we try to overcome this weakness, we feel limitation at many times.

8. Finally, please say some good words to younger students who want to be female ROTC.
A) I want to highlight not giving up. Although training as female ROTC is very hard, it teaches me many lessons. Helping each other is one thing I learned. I have many shortcomings, but other superiors or colleagues support me. It is a saying that this time is the age of limitless competition. So, most people want to learn winning, but I learn how to collaborate with others. Then I want you to never give up and challenge yourself to be in the female ROTC.

To do ROTC as a woman is clearly not easy. Nevertheless, during the interview I found that they had pride and passion about the ROTC in their faces and voices. After I met them, I could feel that it is very important and blissful to do what they really love to do.

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