SEX in the University
SEX in the University
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‘SEX in the University’ hidden in a box. Students tell about their sex and culture.
The world is changing profoundly in the twenty-first century. Now, we have convenience in the fields of transportation, telecommunication, home network services, etc. But above all, a change of people’s values and thinking comes first. SEX is typical of that situation.

A few years ago, “sex” was a word hidden in the closet. Korean society was very conservative and considered sex taboo. However, time changes everything around us. Social changes brought open recognition about sex. Now, Koreans consider sex and love naturally, and in particular, thinking about sex as university students is positive and pretty funny. Students think that sex is a sign of affection and tool of enjoyment as well as a means of childbirth. So, we’ll look into the features of sex-culture in university students through various keywords.

●positive & liberal attitude
These days, sex is one of the topics in earnest conversation or casual chatting amongst young people, as well as a routine subject of conversation. The reason for this phenomenon is the positive and open-minded attitude about sex.
The CBNU Globe did a survey to a total of 300 students, including 153 women and 147 men, to find out Geonjians’ sense of sex. This survey covered each department and grade. Let’s see the result of the survey.
When they were asked about whether they had experience with sex, 38% of those questioned responded yes, while 62% said no. Also, as for the question of when the first time they had sex was, they responded as follows: 7% - middle school & high school, 26% - 20 to 21 years old, 32% - 22 to 23 years old, 35% - over age 24. When we asked them about premarital sex, 23.9% of them responded that it was fine when they promised to marry, 26.3% of them answered that it was okay if they love each other, 12.8% of them thought it was good without conditions and 37% of them said they would never do it. Through this, we found students they had various thoughts about premarital sex.

● One-night stands
The One-night stand is a direct example to show the sex culture of young people. It means just sex for ephemeral pleasure on first meeting with a person in a nightclub or bar. It is more natural that love and sex don’t mean the same thing in young people who are familiar with Western culture. It is quite different from the thinking of our parents’ generation, that their children must have sex with their spouses. Yon people consider ‘one-night stands’ as meaningless, loveless and a tool for enjoying the moment. In other words, young people, especially university students who accept ‘sex without love’ as a natural culture, are increasing.
On survey, 38% of students responded that a one-night stand doesn’t matter except for enjoying the moment, but 62% of students said that they never have sex without love.

● Boldness
Age Day comes when society recognizes a person in twenty of age as an adult. Age Day is a day when the young have mental maturity as well as physical maturity. At this time, young people who have an Age Day should feel a responsibility toward sex and have a chance to perceive themselves.
Long ago, young people tended to experience Age Day meaningfully by traveling alone or congratulating with their families. However, nowadays, young people regard Age Day as a physical maturity, so they want to have a daring experience.
They want to celebrate Age Day with their friends and lovers rather than family. In particular, couples’ events are bold on Age Day. The event passes through three phases, starting from a family restaurant. It then leads the couple to a cocktail bar and an extra-special motel.
Most young people think of Age Day as a time for losing their virginity. Not only daring events but daring gifts for Age Day such as condoms or underwear are pretty popular nowadays.
There are adult products stores near the University and some buildings in the university have installed vending machines for condoms. Also, sexy bars and sexy hofs are opening near the university, and their main clientele are university students.

SEX is a part of our lives. Furthermore, it can be a life itself. Young people, especially university students, accept it actively and cheerfully. Some people might say in this way: sex amongst young people is too suggestive and direct, and it is a unique culture only for young people.
However, it goes without saying that responsibility toward sex and mental maturity must precede this unique culture. Also, we need to think again about the true meaning of Age Day.
If all these things are guaranteed, we can call young people’s sense of sex a ‘unique culture’.

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