Chicken, chic snack!
Chicken, chic snack!
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There’s a food which is a father’s representative foundation item after retirement and enables a family to come together at night. That is chicken! Do you know the history about fried chicken? And how many chickens have you eaten until now? The history of chicken is much longer than we think. It is not too much to say that chicken is living with us continuously and that there are joy, sorrow and the history of Korea behind chicken. Now let’s start to shed new light on the chicken! You can find a new view on chicken after reading this article. 



●The history of chicken is ‘innovation’.


The history of chicken is equal to the history of innovation. In 1960, there was a huge revolution in the poultry farming market. The output of chicken increased. That was exactly a twelve-fold increase from the same period a year before. In addition, roast chicken and market chicken became popular, so in that year, the chicken age had dawned. In 1970, Korea met their export goal and Kentucky Fried Chicken, which had eleven sauces, appeared with the middle class. Kentucky Fried Chicken captivated the tastes of the nation’s people. The chicken, which has crispy and thick batter, has enough charm to attract the taste of Koreans. Also, the franchise chicken age began in earnest from this time. There were many franchise chicken markets at every corner of the market by-way and we could smell the spicy and delicious fragrance. Fathers who got off work recalled their children’s faces and bought chicken for them. In that time, they were poor but happier than now. In 1980, Korean was amazed because of the appearance of seasoned spicy chicken, which has a sweet and sour sauce. “Give me the chicken seasoned with red pepper paste.” At first, there were many people who ordered the chicken like this because it had a red color and they didn’t know what it is. Seasoned spicy chicken has already become the main food at night. Korea today, after experiencing economic crisis, has two sorts of chicken. One is high-quality well-being chicken and the other is low-priced chicken. A war without guns started because the chicken business wanted to reinforce consumers who have fastidious tastes. Chicken which was roasted in the fire pot appeared for consumers who have an aversion to the oil. In addition, various kinds of chickens appeared. For example, there are the chickens boiled with soy sauce, hot chicken and garlic chicken. Now, consumers choose the best chicken which is suited to their tastes, and the tired students love low-priced chicken. In a word, today’s chicken means variety.



● Chicken nation: Korea


When night comes in the city, many signs of chicken markets are illuminated. There are 300,000 chicken shops and 300 franchises in Korea. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Furthermore, internal franchises company estimated that the whole scale of the chicken market is enormous. Also, a city with a large transient population has all kinds of chicken shops. When we go to this kind of city, we can see all the chicken shops that exist in Korea. This figure and situation means activity of the chicken market. Korea is a chicken nation. In the current time, the Korean market is already saturated with this chicken. Anyone can start a chicken enterprise because it doesn’t have entry barriers, but it will be more and more difficult to survive through competition as time goes by. Despite this intense market sentiment, the chicken market is growing bigger by the day, and its potential power is also infinite because the chicken market can join with many other fields. In other words, it is easy to be diversified, but the side effect of this competition also certainly exists. For example, unsettled chicken brands appear because of an intense chicken market barrier. Therefore, they need a niche strategy to catch up with consumers’ changing demands and appetite. One of these niche strategies is developing various and unique menus like barbeque chicken without oil, steamed chicken and soy sauce chicken. Of course, it’s not just the chicken menu which is changing. The shape and atmosphere of chicken stores are also changing. Now, unusual and distinctive chicken shops are drawing interest. Korean loves these stores. In the future, the chicken market will have to make a differentiated service, distinctive taste and even chicken shapes. Then, all chicken shops in Korea can get success. Be creative!



● Father who selected chicken business: chicken man


Retired fathers are selecting the chicken business for a foundation item after retiring at the regular age. We call them the chicken men. In English, a chicken man implies a coward. However, in Korean, chicken man means a father who lives from day to day strenuously for his family and survival. There are many chicken men in Korea. There exists a chicken man who comes into the spotlight. His name is Cha Jae-chul, and he achieved the American dream by making a chicken farm. He lives like a chicken and loves all kinds of chicken-based food. In a word, he is crazy about the chicken. He immigrated to America in 1999, and he is organizing his chicken farm even now. He attracts his clients continuously using a superb network system. He launched this program not only into the eastern part of America but also the central and southern part. At first, he used to fail in his business and fell into despair after immigrating. But there’s a proverb which says, ‘Failure is but the threshold of success.’ Like this proverb says, he tried very hard and learned from failure. Now, at present, he gives hope to Korean chicken men struggling in Korea. However, it is very hard to survive for chicken men in Korea because they have to fight for profit in a highly competitive market. Thus, Korean chicken men want to achieve the American dream by going to America, but I think spending their own lives freely and reaching a goal one by one are the things that Korean chicken men really want.



In the past, we just ate chicken as it is, but now we knew a whole generation through chicken. As you see, a little competitive spirit makes the chicken market exciting and alive, but we don’t need fierce competition. I hope the chicken market will be full of warmth of feeling. Also, how about eating a chicken snack tonight? Chicken is the most chic snack for a late-night snack!


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