Be Ahead of Your Time! - CBNU Press Center
Be Ahead of Your Time! - CBNU Press Center
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Hello. I’m a professor Cheong Seok-kweon, the chief manager of the CBNU Press Center. The CBNU Press Center consists of The CBNU Globe, CBNU Newspaper, and UBS. Unlike other universities, the students in CBNU want to join the Press Center, so I do not worry about recruiting new friends. Also, the reporters work hard and the senior-junior relationships are very good, so I’m very proud of reporters in the CBNU Press Center. To the reporters who have many difficulties in their work and study at the same time, I want to say: Make it through the rough time wisely; then this work will be a very good asset to your life.






 “Read a magazine and improve your English skills”



THE CBNU GLOBE is the only press in CBNU that publishes an English magazine. Originally an English newspaper called THE CHONBUK HERALD, it was changed to a magazine to communicate with university students more closely in March 2009, and THE CBNU GLOBE came into the world. Because it is the only publication in English at CBNU, THE CBNU GLOBE gives information to foreigners here and is also used to introduce CBNU to foreign universities which set up sisterhood relationships with the school. There is no burden for students to read it as it is a bimonthly magazine. Plus, reporters of THE CBNU GLOBE strive to expand students' international views by providing information in English. THE CBNU GLOBE offers not only quality articles but also sensual design. Reporters of THE CBNU GLOBE said, "We always agonize over making students concentrate on the magazines and we consult on proper designs for each article with designers."


Under the direction of the editor in chief, THE CBNU GLOBE is composed of three parts: City desk, Culture desk and University desk. The University desk usually covers events and the general opinions of students on campus. The city desk plays an important part in balancing between contents of the magazine, reporting social issues or noteworthy problems. Finally, the culture desk selects subjects that make students culturally interested and offers interesting articles.




<An interview with foreign reader Melissa Joynt in the Practical English Department>


1. What do you think of our magazine quality as a foreigner?


As a foreigner I really enjoy getting to read about our campus in English. I think the layout is great and beautiful and interesting pictures are used. The content is always interesting, and the writing is pretty good! I love to read the articles about what's happening on campus.




2. Do you have any article you are expecting before you read the magazine? (What is your favorite part?)


I don't really have many expectations before reading the magazine. I just expect it to be interesting and well written. Both of my expectations are usually met. My favorite parts of the magazine are the articles that deal directly with campus life. For example, stories about departments, students, or professors.


3. You have written a column; how did you feel when you see your writing in the magazine?



Last year I wrote a column for the New Year 2011 edition of the CBNU Globe. It was exciting to see my story in the magazine, and I hope it was interesting for the students to learn about my cultural traditions, as well as read about my great respect and love of Korean traditions as well. I really enjoyed writing for the CBNU Globe. I hope I have the opportunity to write again sometime. Thank you.




Planning meeting: The planning meeting is to decide the contents of the magazine, so it is repeated until finding good sources for contents.


Going out to cover: Then, reporters go out for gathering data.


Writing articles: Reporters write articles in English based on the information got on the spot: interviews, photos and so on.


Proofreading & Editing: During the several proof readings, reporters have fears of 'red boxes' that check errors and awkward sentences. With the red boxes, their English abilities grow!


Meeting for design: Reporters have meetings for design with the designer, matching with the concept of article.


Printing: Finally, the articles are made into a magazine for readers!





“Do you know what the ink of a newspaper is made of?”



The CBNU Newspaper is published more than 20 times a year as a weekly newspaper. It tells incidents from both inside and outside the university to students accurately and rapidly. Basically, it provides not only practical information such as classes and scholarships but also the school’s way to advance. CBNU Newspaper consists of the University desk, City desk, Photo part, and Culture desk. First, the University desk is assigned to cover events and phenomena at CBNU and contribute opinions of students and professors with surveys of the public. The city desk takes a role in covering social issues and their effects on the university. The culture desk has articles about campus culture and works of art related to CBNU. Furthermore they supply a clean layout and realistic photos by going out to cover a story in person. Jeong Sang-seok, Editor in chief, says, “CBNU Newspaper highly values covering not only a phenomenon but also a person. Our purpose is to make a newspaper which students want to read. We try to draw students' interests. For example, the paper provides 'QnA' and ‘History tok tok’, which are articles to introduce events in the past, and puzzles contributed by readers to communicate with students.



<A week schedule of CBNU NEWSPAPER's reporters>


MON: Gathering news by getting around, meetings by each department, planning meetings.


TUE: deadline for news in brief and 'crosswalk' by 6 p.m.


WED: free cover


THU: free cover


FRI: primary deadline for all articles, 6 p.m.


SAT: editing at 10 a.m., checking the articles with the director.


SUN: visiting the print shop at 10 a.m., printing 10,000 copies at 7 p.m., making a delivery at 8 p.m.



Reporters of the CBNU Newspaper decided to cover more actively with SNS services. They say that they feel worth in their efforts when they see the published newspaper. Even though they are often up at night writing many times in the middle of semesters, they feel grateful, especially receiving comments and postscripts on the Internet from many students. So they ask for continuous interest and participation. They also say that whenever making a newspaper, they are happy to feel warmth and realize it is important to be arbitrary as a messenger. Finally, the editor in chief tells all freshmen, “It is not easy to work on the CBNU newspaper as a reporter; however, that hardness makes you get your own competitive power. I hope you and I can meet on March 16th, the day of interviews!”



l  University Broadcasting Station(UBS)



“Do you want to be a member of UBS?”



Now then, let’s figure out about the University Broadcasting Station. The broadcasting station is divided into probationary members, regular members, deputy heads of departments and heads of departments. Furthermore, the departments are divided into technical department (an engineer, cameraman, editing audio broadcast), the press section (writing news, program reporting), announcer department, production department (role of PD) and these broadcast both audio and TV. The director of UBS makes decisions through all work and supervises all departments.


To make programs, they meet over vacation for a long time. During those meetings, they decide programs to show in the next semester and the process to make those programs. When the semester starts, they start broadcasting based on the programs they made over vacation. Students can listen to audio broadcasting all over the school around the fountain, peace forest, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Arts and the new front gate. They also show video broadcasting at all school restaurants, and they update their broadcasting contents periodically on the homepage.



<Interview with Park Hye-kyeong, the director of UBS>


Q: What is the good point of your having joined in the University Broadcasting Station?


A: I like just the busy routine. It’s fun that I make programs, that I think and make a community. My friends listen to my voice when they walk along the school and send me lots of messages when I’m on the broadcast. I feel good when I feel people listen to our broadcast.


Q: Do you have know-how when you make broadcasting announcements?


A: Writing a lot of announcements helps me write easily. But when I don’t think how to write, I listen to pre-existing broadcasts.  I learn the announcing style these days through the professional announcers when I watch TV.


Q: Please introduce UBS and show it off to attract attention from CBNU students.


A: The members of UBS exhibited pictorial images “Live again and see the sky” to ‘SISA-IN’, a weekly newsmagazine, and we won the grand prize. This image is a documentary that tells about Lee Se-jong, a patriotic martyr who resisted and was sacrificed under the military regime.


As for showing off, our UBS 38th senior won the PD prize this year for the radio section, and the 8th senior of UBS won the journalist prize.


The UBS people have no big barrier between seniors and juniors, getting along close and stacking personal connections. Many of my seniors work in professional broadcasting companies as PDs, reporters and announcers, so I can get vital advice in detail.


I want to tell freshmen, “If you want to show your own thinking and voice, come to UBS. That is the one of the good methods. When you come to UBS you can have a more fierce and passionate college life.”



-   Benefit to CBNU Press Center Reporter School love scholarship


freshman: exemption of tuition


sophomore: exemption of school supporting association 50%


junior: exemption of school supporting association 100%


-   Free classes in Chonbuk National University Language Education Center


-   Participation in The National Election Commission and The National Auditing Committee


-   Exchanging reporters in another school to participating reporter schools.


-   Overseas  coverage : going abroad to collect news


-   Providing of activity fee




I appreciate all members of the CBNU press center, running parallel with their learning. I hope that they will try to provide better information with a positive attitude. Also, I hope CBNU students accept new information and the world with an enlightened attitude through broadcast, newspaper, and the English magazine supported by CBNU newspapers and broadcasters.


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