That’s not all!
That’s not all!
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How often do you give presents to others? Whenever you do give them, how do you feel when you send the presents? Often, we send presents with messages when we express gratitude and love. Also, we exchange presents and confirm love and friendship when we have special days like birthdays, 100th day anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, and Christmas. Usually, we imagine the image of presents which have shapes and scents, but nowadays that isn’t all. Presents are evolving from day to day.



● Evolution of presents, Gifticon


We always knit bonds with someone through SNS and messenger. Contemporary man wants to get engaged to others and communicate with others at all times. These personal connections have become very important between people. For this reason, the present has evolved. Now we have what is called ‘gifticon’. Nowadays, the general trend with presents is to give a gifticon. Gifticon means an online present coupon which can be transmitted to a cellular phone. The recipient can change the gifticon into a real product in a store or restaurant. In other words, a gifticon is a very convenient and light present which can be transmitted to people connected to us online or offline.


Gifticons come in a wide variety of types. We can exchange gifticons for simple foods like doughnut, cake, pizza and ice cream. Also, tickets for musicals and concerts and gift certificates for nail art or skin care are possible.


But gifticons, although they are an evolved form of present, have negative aspects. Gifticons appeared because of contemporary people’s need for managing personal relations, so gifticons can be a method for superficial human relationships. Before the advent of gifticons, the pleasure from presents was quite different from now. In the past, thinking deeply, selecting presents and packaging presents was the pleasure. We could also experience a keen pleasure when we delivered a message of gratitude, love or apology with a present. Therefore, if a gifticon contains a warm-hearted mind, it will become the greatest present of our time.



Presents in movies


An actor confesses, “I love you. Will you marry me?” In a romantic movie, a hero proposes to his girlfriend and puts a ring on her finger. In this way, in various movie genres, we can find diverse minds and messages with the presents to others. These are three different emotions in three movies.



-Serendipity (present leading to fateful love)


With Christmas approaching, each and every one presents gloves or socks to lovers or friends. In the movie Serendipity, this usual glove became a carrier of destined love. On Christmas Eve, Jonathan and Sarah met by chance, choosing the same glove simultaneously, and they received a strong impression from each other. They offered the gloves as gifts for their lovers. But Sarah believed in fateful love, so she and her lover broke up. Later, Jonathan and Sarah missed each other and met again in the street. From that point on, they started a romantic, fateful love. In this movie, gloves were not just thermal clothes or presents. They were grace-giving, amazing gloves which achieved fateful love. Maybe we can wait for romantic love which is led to us by a present.



-Home Alone 2 (present for friendship)


There is an old saying, “Don’t purchase friends with gifts, without giving sincere faith to your friends.” It means if we make new friends with money or expensive presents, we can’t have sincere friends. We have to make friends with genuine and truthful minds. We can get true friends by taking care of them and taking an interest, but if there are mournful and true hearts in presents for friendship, you can send strong friendship with presents. In this movie, Home Alone 2, Kevin became friends with a middle-aged woman who lived alone in the park and felt the importance of his family. In the end, he shared a beautiful friendship that transcended their age difference with a dove doll. The doll reflected Kevin’s mind, which included the importance of family and friendship. In this way, presents for sincere friendship are equal to a true mind.



-Bruce Almighty (present for importance of current time)


We are living in the present, not in the past or in the future. Thus, everyone knows the importance of the present. But actually, people live without knowing the happiness of current time. In ordinary times, people don’t know real happiness and feel regret after going through strenuous tasks and accidents. In Bruce Almighty, the main actor, who had been discontented for all his usual days, received a present. That was almighty power! But he realized the fact that owing to his almighty power, the society had gotten messed up. Until then, he had put the blame on another, God, but from then on he accepted that those problems were up to him. In other words, a present with almighty power was the precious present which showed the importance of current time. What a wonderful present!



● The present is a present


The most precious present for us is the present. The present is more important than the past and the future. The word ‘present’ means ‘gift’ and also ‘current time’ simultaneously. So this word contains a meaningful message that the present (current time) is a present (gift). It means we have to do our best and work hard in the current time.


Usually, we try to find special solutions when our lives are too strenuous.  But look around us! Most of all, usual things that we’re sitting near are the things that we have to cherish. The air or the water are daily, realistic things, but if there were no air or water, we could not live even a single day. In other words, the present is open to all and usual things are great presents to us.



As stated above, we had a time to revive the ‘present’. Now we know the fact that there are lots of meaning to ‘present’. Maybe a new meaning of present will make you happy. How about having the opportunity to send new meanings of presents for your lovers?


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