CBNU announces 2010 plan for college admission
CBNU announces 2010 plan for college admission
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On April 13th, CBNU confirmed and announced its ‘2010 plan for college admission’.
According to the plan drafted by CBNU, the total number of students to be admitted in 2010 is 4,507. Other special points are that the school will proceed with rolling admission in the second semester step by step and introduce an admission-enforcement official system’.
At first, for rolling admission in the second semester, the school will select four times the number of people to be recruited through their academic records. Then, the school will choose its final list by interviews.
Also, the newly introduced official admission-enforcement system involves three kinds of selection. Through the ‘great person’ process, 20 students will be selected who can then major in Free Major Department(자율전공학부). Besides this, there is a selection method for the government’s livelihood subsidy and second-poorest class people. The school will select 92 students using this process. Finally, it selects 115 students through the vocational high school process.
CBNU admission officials said, “Other universities put a lot of weight on rolling admission, so we will also increase the number of students through rolling admission to attract excellent students. Also, the official admission-enforcement system was newly introduced. If the number changes, we will announce it through our school’s homepage.”

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