I’m not just water anymore!
I’m not just water anymore!
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Functional beverage


Have you ever bought water? Of course you’d answer “yes”. We’ve gotten used to buying water. Just a couple of years ago, it was hard to imagine buying water.  But now we take it for granted, and we even buy more expensive water to drink. Water has become an important factor to help health and to express personality according to the needs and tastes of consumers. Now we live in an age when we don’t drink water to sustain life, but choose water with various ingredients. Let’s explore the world of ever-changing water!











Water is a clear liquid that has no color and taste when it is pure. But nowadays, water is not simple for us. Water is not colorless and tasteless anymore.




l  Natural water




We can see water everywhere in nature. However, due to water pollution, we are not able to drink all water easily.  For that reason, it is becoming increasingly common to buy water, and bottled water is popular since it is portable.




l  Carbonated water




Recently, there is greater and greater interest in carbonated water which helps us to lose weight. Among the mineral waters, carbonated water especially contains lots of iron and a spicy flavor. It is known that carbonated water is good for skin disease, eye disease, diabetes, hypertension and indigestion. But carbonated water is very expensive. A bottle of 330ml is sold for 1,300 or 1,400 won on average, so people who steadily drink carbonated water join particular clubs to buy the water in bulk. Otherwise, they buy the gasogene and make carbonated water to suit their individual tastes.








l  Fruit water




Meanwhile, fruit water attracts public attention. Fruit water is fruit-flavored water. Fruit water gives a taste of floating fruit such as lime and lemon in the water. Unknown to most people, it is showing an upward trend.







Functional beverage




Interest in functional drinks is growing more and more. They have various ingredients not only to quench one's thirst but also to vitalize biological functions.







l  Grain-made tea




Some people don’t like water because it has no taste. Other people don’t enjoy drinking it since they believe it is not good for their body. These consumers have begun to pay attention to tea. With this attention, products related to tea are getting increasingly diversified every day. In the past, at best, the bottled barley tea or green tea was all to buy. After the advent of the wellness boom, new products to make an S-line and V-line shape have been released to continue to target women consumers. It made a huge boom in the market. Various woman-targeted teas became popular. Then teas for men also appeared on the market. Because of tea’s popularity, ‘grain’ became a golden word in Korea. That’s why large parts of popular teas are made of grain. Grain-made tea has enough components to satisfy consumer’s desires. Actually, these grain-made teas contain some herb medicines which are good for health, so they have become more than just water.







l  Vitamin water




In the past, fiber drinks led the beverage market, but these days vitamin drinks are taking their place. Vitamins strengthen our body’s resistance and help prevent aging. If you think of health, you may keep the vitamins in your busy life, but it is not easy to take a vitamin every day. Vitamin drinks immediately resolve this problem. A bottle of vitamin drink is 1,500 to 1,900 won. It is rather expensive, but a bottle of vitamin water contains a full day’s requirement of every vitamin and has a distinctive vivid color. Vitamin drinks offer various effects depending on the materials, so consumers can choose vitamin drinks to suit their health conditions.







You can be stylish and trendy just because of well-chosen water. If you still think that water is all the same, change your mind. If you are sick of drinking water, how about enjoying the fizzy taste of carbonated water? If you are worried about your health, many grain teas and vitamin water will relieve your worries. To prepare convenience and functionality, the evolution of water has begun. What is your choice?




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