Open opportunities, Student Affairs Office
Open opportunities, Student Affairs Office
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At CBNU, there is an organization like a mother which pays careful attention to students’ campus lives. That is the Student Affairs Office! The Student Affairs Office consists of a student support team, welfare team and scholarship team. The student support team regards a student as a customer and takes charge of guidance and support for student government activities and various student events. The student welfare team manages welfare facilities for students’ convenience and the scholarship team is engaged in scholarships and student loans.
Also, the Student Affairs Office has jurisdiction over the Community Service Center, the Human Rights Center, and the  Disabled Students Support Centers.

One day during the rainy season, we visited the office. All staff members were working hard for the welfare of students, even during the vacation. We interviewed director Kim Yong-dae, who welcomed us favorably.

Application period
1) What is the Student Affairs Office doing for students?
We take charge of students’ festivals, volunteer activities for rural communities, the World Educational Tour, Overseas Volunteer Work, orientation for freshmen, conversations with students, students’ welfare and scholarship and support for disabled students. In other words, we deal with all university life for CBNU students.

2) What are the representative programs the Student Affairs Office runs?
The representative programs are the World Educational Tour and Overseas Volunteer Work. These programs were started to improve students’ global minds and to make them cultivate challenges, so these two programs are enormously popular with the students. I hope every student will participate in these programs before graduating. If you miss them, it’s a big loss. The school has provided financial backing for these programs, and I’ m sure these programs at CBNU run better compared to other universities’ programs.

3) Do you have anything to say to students?
The Student Affairs Office is directly related to students, so we are trying to give a lot of support to students. Now, we are strengthening weak points such as student counseling and support programs for disabled students.

Student Affairs Office
Location : Annex to CBNU headquarters, the second floor
TEL : 063-270-2122
FAX : 063-270-2134


<Program Introduction>

The World Educational Tour

 Standards for application
- Only college and graduate students (freshmen are given added points)
- Last semester’s average mark should be above 85 points (except freshmen)

 Excluded members
- Graduate-to-be
- Someone who experienced the program before
- Foreign student
- Student who was considered for a leave of absence

 Briefing date
-Annually around the middle of March

 Application period
-At the end of March

 Screening criteria
- The subject’s fresh ideas and possibility of aim
- Judgment on possibility of realizable education plan after the tour
- Whether every member understands his/her subject and has a concrete lesson plan or not
- Having a pre-survey or contact with a country
- Diversity of team composition and proper travel period
- Team members’ ability with the language

Overseas Volunteer Works

 Standards for application
- Only college students
-Last semester’s average mark should be above 85 points (except freshmen)

 Number of selected people
-Ordinary members: 50 persons are selected depending on personality, language ability, and overall interview
-Special members: 25 persons (10 persons for Korean instruments, 5 for translation, 5 for taekwondo, 5 for balloon art)

 Application period
-Annually around middle of March.



Lim Hyeon & Kim Min-ji reporters



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