Team of Professor Yang Mun-sik to receive 6.6 billion in government support
Team of Professor Yang Mun-sik to receive 6.6 billion in government support
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The team
of professor Yang Mun-sik in the Department of Biological Sciences was recently selected as the ‘High-value Protein Traits Conversion Crop Development Agency’. This status is awarded by the Agriculture and Forestry Technology Development Projects of the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MIFAFF,
Our university will receive about 6.6 billion won in support until the year 2014 for research of useful proteins that can utilize plants.
Our university expects that this project will strengthen the upbringing of the local agriculture food industry and the National Food Cluster project through the development of customized plant material using high-tech genetic engineering and construction of a production base. In addition, we can expect an increase in farm villages' income and the creation of newly growing industry by developing and industrializing new farm products that can produce useful proteins.
The project head, Professor Yang, said, “Through the project, we can expect to produce a new material which can be used in the food industry of Jeonbuk with the development of high value and superior seeds.”
“We expect to bring up the seed industry, attract seed companies and cultivate high value crops which can increase the income of farm villages,” Yang said.

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