Riding on mileage!
Riding on mileage!
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CBNU and the Jeonju Bike Life Council have made an agreement of a bicycle mileage system. People who join the campaign receive a range-finding device and can check how far of a distance they ride and how much CO2 they saved, getting a meal ticket.

“The interesting thing when I join the bicycle mileage campaign is to accumulate the mileage while I am riding. I think the purpose is carried out well and is successful. I now prefer riding a bicycle to taking a car for an appropriate distance. Of course, the benefit of a mileage is required of every 100Km. Even so, I love bicycle mileage because it provides me with another good motivation for riding.” (Oh An-sung, sophomore in the Dept. of Physics)

Awkward truths
The globe requires more energy.
It would be inevitable to increase energy consumption all over the world. Even if the technology for the alternative energy shall improve, it cannot control the explosive consumption in many advanced countries and China. Experts predict the energy consumption will increase by more than 50% by 2030.

Where is the Kyoto Protocol?
The Kyoto Protocol is the convention of reducing greenhouse effect and its gas emission. No one believes the protocol now has any significant meaning. U.S. has taken a fourth of the whole possession in CO2 emission. But the U.S. and other developing countries including China are cynical to the protocol. The International Energy Agency (IEA) expects the emissions will double to 57 billion tons by 2050. Who has said it will decrease?

What if the world were filled with cars?
The number of cars per 1000 of the population in rich countries is 430 cars, whereas in China it has been about 50 till now. If China would make a model of the developed countries, an additional 700 million cars will be haunting the road! There is no useful countermeasure for this huge increasing trend. A complex interest is entangled in the background. The car industry consists of one seventh of the GNP (gross national product) of the whole globe, and they hire lobbyists not to invade their area.

Meat-free Monday
What is… bicycle mileage?

What is… bicycle mileage? It is a green citizen campaign for the environment that works by adding up the riders’ mileage.
“Overcome the global warming by riding!” Under this slogan, the project called ‘eco-cycle mileage’ first started in Tokyo in 2005. The Japanese have made riding bicycles their way of life. To them, riding means not only efficient transportation but also energy saving and having healthier bodies. In 2007, those people rode a mileage of about 40 million Km, which was equal to the amount of 900 tons of CO2. This is a good instance that highlighted many voluntary campaigns for the environment. What bright people they are!

Parking lot for bicycle riders only!
The Japanese government provided bicycle riders with favorable systems. One of them was a parking lot for riders only. This is not a common lot. The bicycle is parked in an underground space automatically lifting from an exit in the ground. Korea also now arranges such systems: mileage, lots, events, insurance and other incentives. However it wouldn’t be just like Japan and would have some troubles. It should vary depending on regional characteristics. Public officers have to plan the policy for bicycles more sincerely. Korea still has a long way to progress.

Want to be such a rider? MUST-READ
Now the problem is how I can join in on bicycle mileage and what benefit I shall have. If you feel a disposition to join the mileage campaign, visit the official site: (www.dobike.net). If you are not in Jeonju, you can choose other communities using the ‘family site’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of the site and visit other local sites in detail.
Tell us about the benefit?
Once you have a device that measures the distance, you can know the accumulated distance you’ve ridden and real-time speed. You log-in to the above site and post a confirmation picture. One km saves one point. 100 points gives you a meal ticket at a cafeteria. Let’s join this mileage and earn an ADDITIONAL meal ticket.

From now on, you can realize when you are riding a bicycle that you are helping to fight off the pollution trend as described above. You are not a committed environmentalist. People just can do this on a mere whim. This is, nonetheless, enough for our Mother Earth.


Leave No Trace

 This is a simple environmental campaign of leaving no trace, started in the U.S. in the 1980s. People and mountaineers all around the world who enjoy hiking participated spontaneously. On leaving with no trace, a mountain is always clean by itself.

Earth Hour
www.earthhour.org, www.earthhourkorea.org

It is an interesting attempt to try. Earth Hour is a global event claimed for turning off all non-essential lights and appliances for one hour. It first began in Sydney, Australia in 2007. The next Earth Hour event is 8:30 P.M., Saturday March 31, 2012. Isn’t it wonderful?

Meat-free Monday
www.meatfreemondays.com, www.meatfreemonday.co.kr

Paul McCartney, an old member of The Beatles, offered the international campaign ‘Meat-free Monday’ by emphasizing to restrict meat consumption as a resolution of climate change in 2009.

It is simply easy.

If one skips meat once a week, it saves 35,000 gallons of water and 5,000lbs of CO2 a year.
If one rides a bicycle instead of a car, it saves one ton of CO2 a year, and this is equal to planting 50 trees every year.

Park Cheol-hui Reporter


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