Remember Who They Are! - Hidden Heroes Around Us
Remember Who They Are! - Hidden Heroes Around Us
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When I was a high school student, I was elected as the president of student council. At that time, other members of student council and I dealt with a lot of tasks for students such as a welcome party for freshmen, fundraising for needy neighbors, student conferences, and school festivals.

 To give one example, before the school festival, we prepared a music band show, quiz program, field day and props for each program. Each member was in charge of his part: casting a music band in school, making props for games, preparing balloons, planning games for sports day, or buying some products for a prize draw. Finally, the school festival ended successfully thanks to their efforts and students' high participation rate.

 In those days, I realized the importance of hidden members' efforts and contributions. If there's no staff, the members of student council, teachers, or even the students who participate in the school festival, maybe we couldn't proceed with the festival successfully.

However, as you guys know, ordinary people cannot realize hidden heroes' efforts and contributions. We just remember how interested we were or how fancy the festival was. One example around us is the ending credits. We rarely see ending credits when we watch movies. The ending credits include many contents: the name of director, staff, supporters, who contributed to make the movie, film locations, etc.

But we just ignore them simply because the movie finishes. For us, the ending credits are not a part of the movie. They are just a boring part of the movie, not an important part. Right after watching the movie, people go their separate ways. However, it is not too much to say that ending credits are the most important part of the movie. If there are no people who made that movie, many moviegoers couldn’t be impressed by the movie or learn lessons from it. For that reason, the ending credit are as important as the climax of the movie.

It is the same in the school life. There are many people who are putting efforts toward making Chonbuk National University a better place: the cleaning men and women who clean the lecture rooms and hallways, the campus police who are patrolling school to make the campus safer, and the teaching staffs who are improving the educational environment and help us find a good job. We tend to take their hidden efforts for granted or we don't think of their contributions even though they have a huge influence on us.

For a good example, as most of you know, there are many publications in the campus. Do you remember what they are? If you don't know at least one, you need to take time for self-reflection. That also means you need to take more interest in the school. They are published regularly and distributed all around the campus. Publications are placed in every building on campus including at the main gate and old gate, so if you have a spark of interest around you on the campus, you can easily find that. For Korean publications, there are the CBNU Newsletter and Whangtohyeon. For English publications, there is The CBNU Globe. Aside from that, there are also many informal publications.

As you know, these publications are putting effort toward making the school life more informative in their fields. We can at least read the publications to praise them for their hard work. Reading publications or sending answers to questions or puzzles, I think, is an expression as a form of praise and one of the ways to make them more passionate. They can get power by receiving responses, and you can gain a prize in return. In another way, your story can be broadcast all over the campus if you send your story and song request to the UBS. That is absolutely a win-win situation all around.

Now, I believe that you can realize hidden heroes' existence and you can feel sympathy with the importance of their contributions to some degree. Accordingly, we need to remind them from time to time because we can study comfortably and enjoy the school life thanks to them. If they were suddenly gone from the school, we couldn’t imagine how the campus would be changed. I will let your imagination take over the rest.

I suddenly remembered a short snatch of verse from ‘The Flower’, written by Kim Choon-su.
“Until I spoke its name, it had been no more than a gesture. When I spoke its name, it came to me and became a flower."
Why don't you guys bloom flowers in the campus by greeting someone or confidently expressing your opinion and feeling in front of everyone in writing like me?

Although the greeting to cleaning men and women may sound unfamiliar to us, we are accustomed to greetings on the campus if we are doing it over and over. I think that can make the campus more beautiful. And let’s make the campus full of our stories by actively participating in school events; wouldn’t that be cool?


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