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Be Mad with Mad Green Boys
2011년 05월 12일 (목) 12:47:02 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

The new soccer season began. Each team reinforced its squad. Many K-League players took an active part in the Asian Cup, and this season expects fierce competition. Jeonju has the Jeonju World Cup Stadium, and stationed there is a powerful team, the Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors Football Club. I want to introduce Jeonbuk FC, and to arouse interest in soccer.


K-League is the top league in the Korean soccer league system. There are sixteen teams in 2011. Regular league games total 240, and the 30th round is final. After the regular league, the first through sixth teams have qualification to go to the championship. The third and sixth, and the fourth and fifth teams fight each other, and among them the winners fight again in the semifinal. The victor fights with the second-ranked team in the playoffs. Finally, the winner fights with the first-ranked team in the championship in the manner of home and away to decide the champion.

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors Football Club
Jeonbuk FC started a professional soccer team under the slogan of ‘Give dream and hope to inhabitants of Jeonbuk’ on December 12, 1994. One of the most successful clubs in Korea, Jeonbuk FC has many winning records: K-League Champion in 2009, FA Cup in 2003 and 2005, Super Cup in 2004, and AFC Champions League in 2006. The championship title in 2009 was the first title in the Honam area. Jeonju World Cup Stadium has the nickname ‘Jeonju Castle’ because Jeonju is famous for Korean tradition and because the Jeonju stadium looks like a castle. The roof gives the shape of a fan with spokes made of double slips of bamboo, a roof that symbolizes a pole signifying prayer for a good harvest; cables that are symbolic of a Gayageum’s twelve strings are holding up the roof. This stadium can accommodate 42,000 people.

AFC Champions League
Europe has the Champions League, and Asia has the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League. Each championship club in an Asian professional football league and high-ranking clubs participate and determine the strongest club. Seongnam Ilwha Football Club got second place in 2004, followed by Jeonbuk FC in 2006, and the Pohang Steelers in 2009. Seongnam Ilwha won the championship in 2010 and raised K-League’s status.


Mad Green Boys


Every team has its supporters. Jeonbuk FC’s supporters are the Mad Green Boys (M.G.B). The M.G.B organized a union on November 29, 1997. At home games, they always take seats in the North position in the stadium which they call CURVA NORD. In this way they express their passion.


There are many events in the football stadium. If you are lucky, you can see a football game and have generous gifts like movie tickets, popcorn, pizza, chicken or an autographed ball. In particular, the East gate has unique events, and if you miss it you will regret it.

Jeonbuk Hyundai Staff as an unusual part-time job


When you watch the game or events, you can see people wearing green vests with the name ‘Staff’ on back. They are one-day part-timers. Women do ticketing and men do car direction, event support, and admission supervision. If you want to join the staff, make an inquiry by telephone at 010-7159-6867.


Many CBNU students are doing this job, so I interviewed one of them.

How did you start this part-time job?
“Usually I was a fan of Jeonbuk FC. I was introduced to this job by my acquaintance. I can earn money and watch games for free. One day, I saw Jo Kwang-rae, the head coach for the national soccer team. It was a unique experience. The work is pleasant. I recommend this part-time job.” [Hwang Deok-yeon, Sophomore, The Dept. of English Language and Literature]


Rival match –Derby-
Derby Match means a rival match with the same hometown team. Derived from England’s Derby city, this word is especially used in soccer. A game we know well, the Real Madrid and Barcelona rival match, is called the El Clásico (traditional derby match) derby. The meaning of derby expands to ‘a keen rival relationship’ from the origin of the same hometown local derby. Jeonbuk FC has three rival relationships.


Honam Derby

The Honam Derby is a rival match between Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and the Chunnam Dragons. The Honam area is divided into Jeollabuk-do and Jeollanam-do. The representative teams of each region fi ght and decide the winner.

 Hyundai Derby

The team with Hyundai in their team name is not only Jeonbuk Hyundai but also Ulsan Hyundai. Who is the more brilliant Hyundai? This match is for the answer.

Blue-Green Derby

You can guess the match from the name. Jeonbuk FC’s home uniform color is green, and the Suwon Samsung Bluewings’ home uniform is blue. Each team is a hot favorite to be champion. Therefore, a fi ercely contested game is expected. The Suwon supporters are Grandbleu, famous for their ardent cheer. M.G.B and Grandbleu’s cheering are another spectacle.


Sports columnist John Duerden wrote a column about changes in this season. He said K-League’s games will be more speedy and lively. We can see England Premier League games easily on TV. However, K-League’s matches are seldom shown on TV because broadcasting stations don’t buy the right to broadcast. K-League is one of the big leagues in Asia and provides a lot of fun. Love our league and go to the stadium to watch soccer!

Kuk Chan-song reporter


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