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Seize the First Meeting
2011년 03월 03일 (목) 14:32:55 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr


Do you know the movie “Serendipity”? This movie shows how much first meeting gives a big impression to people. On Christmas Eve, Jonathan and Sarah have a first meeting at a department store to buy a gift for lovers of their own. They pick the last gloves at the same time. They who met in the midst of New York fall in love with each other instantly. They have an enchanted evening at the Manhattan. Then they become separated from each other without knowing the names.

After seven years, they are going to get married soon with each fiancé. But they can’t forget the hours in New York seven years ago. Feeling an irresistible yearning, finally the two go to New York and attain the love in the end.

Of course I can’t understand the situation in which they betray their fiancés, but through the film we can think how much first meeting remains in our memory.

Like the previous two protagonists, did you have a memorable first meeting? About the first meeting, each person gives a different meaning. Some wait next meeting keeping the feeling after the first meeting. And some are waiting for the first meeting with new person like freshmen waiting for orientation who would love to meet new friends, seniors. But on the contrary, to some people the first meeting is fearful. To them starting something new, meeting new people and adapting new things are awesome. And others give short shrift and go beyond it. What do you think about the first meeting? I think the first meeting is the lemon.The lemon color is beautiful and it stimulates your appetite.

Likewise the first meeting attracts my attention and I want to have it. And the fruit is refreshing as the first meeting is fresh and pleasant. And lemon will eliminate the fishy smell as the first meeting cures the wounds obtained previous relationships. Getting rid of fishy taste and making new taste and smell make sense with making a fresh start. Not only a good feature, but also bad feature of lemon resembles first meeting. Eating too much lemon gets canker sores in one’s mouth. It is similar to meet new people too much and happen to cause injury.

You are now in front of a new beginning. And many first meetings also will welcome you. Don’t be afraid. Reach out to meeting in front of your eyes and try to create a tie. People given in front of you are all precious.


Moon Whun editor

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