Just a hangover? Survive!
Just a hangover? Survive!
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When you entered the university, you faced a drinking party, right? Actually, drinking has a lot of meaning. Many students are afraid of these parties for reasons such as being drunk, being tired, or having a hangover. But if students always miss the drinking parties, they will be outcasts or cause some trouble with their seniors and new friends. Then, how can you survive and even enjoy this unavoidable situation?


Ways not to drink too much

If you want to enjoy yourself, escaping heavy drinking can be a good way.

Memorize Drinking Game Rules
In Korea, many drinking games exist. When you lose the games, you have to drink and do shameful things. Therefore, if you memorize game rules, you can avoid drinking and embarrassing things.

Cheating Other People

Go to the Toilet Often.

If you really hate to drink, you can throw away your alcohol secretly. But it has a weak point. If your caught in cheating, you could have to do a double shot or do worse things, so either be careful or never try this. Use some tools. A drinking party place has many empty cups and you can use those cups. Put some water into those
empty cups and when you drink alcohol, pour it out into those cups. Another way is to just throw it on the ground while other people talk or do other things.

Go to the Toilet Often.
Many people use this method. When you go to the toilet often, you can miss the cheers time and the gaming time, and even get a fresh air. But you should think about the timing and situation. If the place is too quiet or if they prepare a cheers or anything else, you shouldn’t use this way. Wait for a loud time and don’t draw attention to yourself. Just get out smoothly.

Way to avoid hangover

Here are some tips not to get a hangover if you don’t want to. Try these.

Drink some cure drinks for hangovers.
Many cure drinks are sold at almost every mart. These drinks are very scientifically manufactured even though some people think they have no effect. The problem is the cost. They usually cost 4,000-5,000 won so if you think about your health and the next day, buy them.

Drink green tea and don’t drink coffee.
Green tea has a good effect to overcome a hangover. Ingredients in the green tea can destroy the alcohol in your blood, while coffee can be a poison to your hangover. The caffeine in the coffee can cause a stronger hangover, so don’t drink coffee after drinking.
Eat side dishes served with alcoholic beverages.
This method depends on people’s types. Some prefer dried snacks and others prefer soup. When the stomach is empty, people get drunk fast and feel uncomfortable, so make your body ready before you drink.

Eat some fruit or drink some vitamin water.
Vitamins have the effect of waking you up, so when you drink alcohol, look around and find some rich vitamins.

Special experiment!

When is the cure drink most effective? Reporters did an experiment for fun and for health. People confuse when they should take cure drinks. Reporter tested three times, using the same alcoholic beverage, same time, and same quantity.

First time- before drinking alcohol
Second time- during the drinking
Third time- after drinking

Guess when is the most effective time? Even if the conclusion is not a perfect answer, ‘after drinking’ is the most effective time to take them. It is useless to take them before drinking or during drinking. You will get dizzy and get nauseous. When you buy a cure drink for a hangover, remember this!

Drinking is a proof to your age. Before you entered the university, drinking alcohol was illegal, but after university life starts, nobody minds whether you drink or not. Sometimes, people are pessimistic about drinking alcohol because of some frightful articles about a girl who died of alcohol or some violent actions or insults after excessive drinking. But most people can’t deny that university life is strongly related with drinking. You should think about the right way to drink and protect yourself from drinking. Let’s enjoy ourselves!

Lim Hyeon reporter


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