Meaning of Trip
Meaning of Trip
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Lee Min-hyeok
Dept. of Science

Meaning of Trip


 When you ask an ordinary person, “What do you want to do most at this moment?”, most of them say that they want to “travel.” This shows that we want to escape reality and enjoy some time for relaxation and introspection instead of actually going somewhere specific.


Travel helps us to improve our relationships with people around us through deeper understanding, love, and peace. Also, travel provides us with an opportunity for selfgrowth and gives us the energy to move on in our lives, as it allows us to temporarily break away from our daily routines. I believe these positive effects that travel provides us with are the reasons why numerous people want to go traveling. So what in specific do we achieve from traveling?

First, we can enjoy a sense of freshness through culture-shock. The beauty of an overseas trip is in experiencing the exotic cultures of other countries. Of course, we could go through culture shock by visiting and experiencing the culture of different regions within the nation. However, since overseas traveling allows us to experience a culture that is completely different from the domestic culture, I believe that it provides us with an even larger sense of freshness compared to domestic traveling. Through traveling abroad, we grasp the opportunity to meet new cultures and compare them with our own culture.

Through the comparison process, we could estimate the level of our culture in the world stage and also think about areas which can be improved. Furthermore, we could also expand our perspectives toward the world We can expand our views of the world by directly experiencing the economic & cultural situations of various countries, and our standard of language and behavior extends from the society that we have been in to the society of the world.


Second, we become more mature as we go through the difficulties and hardships of travel. We go traveling although we know that it will bring us hardships. Maybe the reason why we go traveling is to actually go through hardships. Traveling across the desert on foot, rock-climbing, backpacking without a penny, walking across the nation… Why do we ask for trouble? The reason is simple: ‘to become a mature person.’ The pleasure of traveling may lie in obstacles and fatigue.

Even the dangers that we encounter during our journeys merely add to the excitement of the adventure. If we always get to our destination, with all of our transportations on schedule, and are always comfortable as if we are back home during our travels, we would never understand the true charms of traveling. The real misfortune in the lives of the contemporary man is ‘boredom’ - our lives lack spontaneous events or adventures. However, traveling makes us experience adventures that we wouldn’t have without doing so and makes us become more mature as we go through the hardships and obstacles of the adventure.

Third, we can make our own stories that give us a comparative edge through traveling. Nowadays, just getting external qualities such as higher scores on English Qualification exams or studying abroad for language skills does not provide the edge in the job market competition.

Since such certifications are no longer unique among the coming young generations of Korea, they do not guarantee success anymore when we strike out into the society. In the same context, there is nothing more effective and productive in creating an original and differentiated story than traveling alone. In other words, it is more important to be equipped with a story that can differentiate yourself from others rather than obtaining qualifications such as degrees and licenses. By ceaselessly challenging yourself and the environment around you through Traveling, you can find inspiration for a new and better life. Furthermore, as traveling is the best way to create a story that has a comparative edge in this global society that follows the law of survival of the fittest, we should try to explore the diverse beauties around the Earth and meet local cultures. In this way, there are numerous advantages that we can obtain from traveling.

Traveling costs a lot of money and time. This causes people to regard traveling as a privilege of the rich or as a luxury. However, traveling is not an extravagant act. It is rather a pivot point of life where we improve the quality of our lives. Also, the numerous enlightenments and experiences from traveling have more meaning than material possessions. The hardships we go through, the pleasure and sense of accomplishment when we overcome obstacles, countless new experiences and learning, opportunities to introspect, and the delight that memories of travel bring us are just like the process of life. In other words, traveling is how we improve ourselves in many different aspects.

Life is traveling and traveling is challenging the unknown. Since we undergo pleasure, a sense of accomplishment, and various experiences through this challenge, we must go traveling.


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