Cohabitation Between Student Couples
Cohabitation Between Student Couples
  • Park Cheol-hui
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‘I live in a studio apartment. I could hear some exquisite sounds from the upstairs. No wonder that it would be, perhaps, a groan between two people. I don’t know them exactly, but I had realized that they were couple. I can swear that they went up often to their room at night, which is right above my room. Moreover, unfortunately, I saw the couple come down in the next morning! So the conclusion is as follows: He’s living with his girlfriend Moreover, considering the strange sounds, they must have had a relationship.



“Do you ask me how many couples are living together in a studio apartment? Well, I believe 5% of all those couples are living together,” said a male student working on a street.


 Is it true? There are many rumors and sources of evidence for cohabitating couples. One student had stated that some friends of his were having that life style; however, he doesn’t know actually and just ‘heard’ about it.

The usual studio apartment has only one or two entrances. The students living there can easily recognize each other on the same floor or nearby floors. One may occasionally witness a couple entering a same room and find many shoes in front of the door. There are many shoes in the doorway, and it can be obvious evidence for cohabitating with students of the other sex. According to one informer, catching a sight when a couple goes out of a room together supports the higher probability of it, which is openly high at once.

Someone could insist those facts aren’t quite equivocal and don’t really give assurance for them living together. He might not have heard about that cohabitating story before because he seldom set eyes on it. However, many students agree that they could have paid attention to the same groans. Those certain screams might be relevant clues to sex -- the sex sound.

Some students had reported that the rate of cohabitating withthe opposite sex is not as high as they expected. This will not, though, kill the open secret, which is a strong affirmation of the premarital sexual relations which are already widespread amongst university students. Although many students still agree with doing that, they are pretty reluctant to talk about it throughtheir mouths.

“I think it is impossible that such a relationship can be done between student couples, in my opinion. I won’t accept that kind of cohabitating ever,” a female student living in a studio said, walking on with her boyfriend. Here are diverse opinions of other students: “I don’t think that’s right. I’m just opposed to it. It’s hard to explain about that anyway.” “In my case, I’m against cohabitating between couples for a religious reason -- Christianity.”

“Isn’t it okay if both have an agreement about that? They are not children, are they?” There are substantial supporters for cohabitation. “If the couple loves each other, no reason would ban the cohabitating. I wouldn’t wreck it.” Most of them said that there is no force to recommend a couple to live together, but also no sensible reason to deter them from doing it. Another student said he didn’t recognize the seriousness about that matter at all.

Living together in a studio has some advantages in terms of financial burdens. It divides the monthly rent in half. The advantage also helps to decrease the cost of dating. Moreover, it helps them to ‘know’ — here is everything — more about each other as well.

In fact, the sales volume of condoms is a realistic indicator ofhow many couples are living together. With inquiry to the stores and marts nearby studio apartments, some plausible results had come out. The thing is that the amount of expanded condoms is ‘fluctuating’ by days of the week. The sales on weekends are high enough, naturally. The average amount is two or three condom sales per week at ‘G’ convenience store. However, at ‘S’it could be over six per week, which are all sold intensively on the weekend! This is what is happening. Furthermore, it is only an estimate by rule of thumb and so is just the lowest sale of it.

At the end of these surveys, remarkable information was reported. A clerk at ‘J’ Mart said that the facts of living together might be a little different than one imagines. If one shall take their position as a student, their parents may visit the studio sometimes or ‘suddenly’. As such, he underlined they have each had their own studios already and then spent the time in just one. That would be a precaution for not notifyingthe parents about their cohabitating. It may be called “semi-cohabitation”. The important thing is each of them actually has an independent studio, yet they live in one single place.


Most of all, people still hesitate to talk outright about gossip of a social-sexual nature in an honest tone. They seem to stifle a sexual relationship and reckon it as a hard one. What if an acquaintance’s boyfriend orgirl had experienced such cohabitation before under the condition that one never ponders it? Thus, when discussing this subject, if someone doesn’t include his own UNTOLD CASE as well as others’ case, it might be hypocrisy.


“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness,” said Friedrich Nietzsche.

Humans love with madness in varied relationships, not only as couples. One better look around his other relationships as well.



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