#6. The Emotion - Motion Your Emotion of Imagination
#6. The Emotion - Motion Your Emotion of Imagination
  • Park Ye-seul
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This article is the last in the series of the year. The 6th theme is emotion, which has been added to the five sense. Emotion is the software of our body. It is important for us to feel and have relationships with others. If someone doesn’t have good emotion, however, he’d have trouble adjusting to society and organization. Through this series, we realize that we should have a healthy mind and body to become more awesome.



Psychopath : a person with an antisocial personality disorder


 We usually call someone who does something strange ‘a psychopath’. It is a pathological symptom. But most of them feel differently from the ordinary people’s feelings. They often can be criminals in the society. They don’t realize their faults even when taking a life, so their crimes are more cruel and totally different from the simple criminals’. It is important to treat them properly to protect the society. In any case, let’s check if you are psychopath or not.Some sisters met a handsome guy at an acquaintance’s funeral. They both fell in love with him at first sight. Later, the younger sister killed her older sister.Why did she kill her sister? The answer of ordinary people is “to get all of his love”, while the answer of a psychopath is “to meet him again.”


Mind : A part of a person that makes him able to be aware of things, to think and to feel.


According to research, in addition to humans, plants have emotions. In the two cases of the test, the researcher said to one set of plants lovingly, “I like you. I love you more than anything in the world.” On the other hand, the man said wildly to the other set of plants, “I hate you. I loathe you more than anything in the world.” Surprisingly, it brought different changes to them. Loved plants grew up greatly; however, hated plants withered and died. How can they feel? Even dumb things can feel emotion. Not just by seeing it through your eyes, you can also feel others’ emotion


Platonic Love : mental love without physical desire.


Falling in love, we try to touch our lover. Maybe mature love doesn’t pursue physical contact. Platonic love is to love someone mentally. It is regarded as decreasing the noble sense of love after starting physical love, or Eros Love. Most of the relationship between man and woman starts as platonic love and becomes Eros love, and then they get married. Even if it is a secret crush, we think that love is morally noble.



Performance art : a kind of art, art by the act of performing a play, concert or some other form of entertainment.


Performance art is one of the arts to express artists’ ideas or notions. They express their ideas by their gestures or motions. When common people watch their actions, they say “What is it? What is he doing in the street?” Each art has a different way to express the emotions of the artists. So, rather than attacking  their art, respect their own worlds.






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