A Campus with Porpriety and Courtesy
A Campus with Porpriety and Courtesy
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The modern era has gradually moved to individualism from the past, which centered on a group or organization. Thus, every aspect of society more likes to defend and strengthen individual freedom and autonomy, yet we act and live as members of the community. Constant hierarchy and tradition is the moral law to keep a minimum in order to live as members of the society. In other words, propriety and courtesy function as lubricants to maintain community or society.

Nowadays, however, students often showrude words and actions that tarnish the quality of college in the campus. Their language is a particularly serious problem. The Korean honorific system is more developed than any language and it is the most popular format of language courtesy. Language manner, a custom of the society, is an indicator to enhance the dignity of the community.

But today, in addition to the flooding of campus slang, the honorific system is weakened. For instance, appropriate usage of jinji/siksa, jeo/na, yeojjupda/mutda, deurida/juda, gyesida/ itda and gge/ege are mixed up. Confusion or disregard for the honorific system results
from adult learners or educators and students as well.

In addition to the language, the guidelines of actions that conform to courtesy are getting blurred. Passionate young men and women on campus are the protagonists and also they are full of the love energy, biologically. Therefore, they show their passionate love whether they are in opened or closed places. Showing their affection to the people might be prideful to themselves, while viewers just feel shame.

In the classrooms, their manners are excessively free, too. It is easy to find students who neglect the basic etiquette that in essential to men of culture, Koreans, and college students. Wearing a hat, eating and drinking, and physical contact between two students consistently makes us feel as if they create new manners. It is common to find students’ rudeness outside of the classroom. In a vacant place next to the classroom, some are screaming or singing in the grass or having a drinking party in the afternoon under the hot sun.

Etiquette is a formal logic. It is a practical promise of the community for the smooth communication between the community members Courtesy and decency are established on the basis of their spirit of humility, respect and care toward others. Manners and etiquette not only make a noble society but enhance the dignity of human beings hrough beautiful communication.

 Thus, these formal commitments to keep the decorum and etiquette make life beautiful in a community. In this season of all things starting hopefully, let’s take some time for introspection to be polite and decent people, since courtesy and etiquette ensure human dignity.


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