Prepareation and Start
Prepareation and Start
  • Park Saet-byul
  • 승인 2010.12.31 20:14
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It’s been two years since I entered the CBNU and The CBNU Globe. And I’m starting new work in three years as editor in chief. I became a reporter as I went through the process of preparation like reading some articles written by my seniors, writing short English news, taking a class (lesson) on a vacation, and so on. And now I become an editor in chief. Before two years, I didn’t think that I would become editor in chief. So I don’t have adequate time to prepare to be.

Thus, I should prepare many things by myself during short time. I will act in better faith
and will be more interested in other reporters in the CBNU Globe.Of course, I will have more piles of work to do. As soon as I was elected as an editor in chief, I thought that becoming a leader made me happy but it was also burden to me at once. When I managed works and reporters first, I felt a big burden to do it. I was so tired and frustrated. That’s because I didn’t prepare proper time about my position.

When I got assigned to a reporter from a cub reporter, I didn’t feel something hard. But, the position of editor in chief, a leader of a group needed lots of preparation: mind and body. In this situation, I felt the necessary of preparation once again. And it is difficult to take care of matters as they come. Most people feel hard to solve sudden problem and to have unshakable faith. To solve sudden problem, there are two differentsolutions. One is to have the ability to accommodate oneself to circumstances byfacing continuously serious problem. The other is to mask in advance preparation for problem. I think the former has very big risk.

In the future, we will face many works without time to prepare. We’ll feel keenly the necessity of preparation in advance. Do you prepare a lot of thing to start new year? To prepare in advance makes you stable, when you starts!! I wish you to start your new lives with full of preparation and resolution.



Park Saet-byul Editor in Chief /

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