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Rehearsal and Patience could be the Key to Success
2009년 05월 12일 (화) 14:19:44 Kim Hak-yong Professor, Dept. -
Over the
past few years, the Korean education system has come to expect high educational achievements not only from the countries in East Asia but also over the world. In this respect, our country is pouring
resources into the academic sector to help some of its approximately 400 higher education institutions to secure high places in the international league tables. The proposed goal mainly depends on highly ambitious students and their novel and innovative ideas. In this context, I feel a need to address some of the issues in respect to strengths and weaknesses of the students, which I perceived as a professor in the department of Textile Engineering.
Students or their guardians are affording high tuition fees to achieve a world class education. They respect each other and abide the rules and regulations of their institution. University students are polite, obedient, and pay attention to the lectures that they are receiving from their professors or tutors. In addition, most of them spend their spare time in the library to prepare for reports and tests. At the same time, almost all students are preparing for professional English, which may be a requirement for applying for jobs in organizations, just after their study. They are eager to study vocational courses, which can be put towards getting a job. However, it is worthwhile to mention some of their weaknesses so that they may improve and enhance their capability faster. Even though they pay attention to their majors, most of the students are not very serious in following the reference material in a critical way. Some of the students do not have exact goals that they want to achieve after their study. Although they work hard to prepare their subjects, some of the students spend more time for enjoyment, such as drinking alcohol. Alcohol doesn’t help the process of learning. To reduce your mental stress, your brain needs good nutrition, and it needs to be in a peaceful, confident state.
In this context, I would like to make some suggestions that may help most of the students to improve their studies. Always concentrate on the immediate task at hand. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the entire book at one time. Give yourself a series of small rewards each time you master one chapter, and a larger reward for completing the entire book.Writeout the goal of learning and find a learning buddy to explain what you have learned. This will increase the likelihood that your brain will remember the previously studied text.By starting your studies early, and reviewing what you have been learned, you have a much better chance of remembering and understanding what you need to know when you face a big exam.
In conclusion, all university students have a greater opportunity to acquire world class education within the country if they exercise patience and bring further improvement into their habits; they can compete at their best and contribute to the further advancement of the nation toward leadership in the world.
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