I’m a smart phone user!!
I’m a smart phone user!!
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What a nice thing!!!
Do you use a Smartphone? Even if you don’t use one, someone around you will be using a Smartphone. Smart phone users have increased sharply this year. The Smartphone is booming now worldwide. Also, CBNU actively goes along with this atmosphere.
Let’s see the smart phone boom in CBNU.

The Smartphone has a developed computing ability and so can access the internet, like a PC. It has its own OS (operating system), which doesn’t exist in other phone. As a result, users are able to add lots of mobile programs, so-called ‘apps’ (application software). Simply, if we liken a Smartphone to a TV, apps become the diverse TV programs we see, so to speak.

“I think a Smartphone is very accessible to get information,” one Canadian teacher, Matthew Mullis said walking on the street.

Lee Jin-won in the Dept. of computer science said as follows:
“We-—students in computer science—-have a class about Apps. We need to study about apps and get chances to make them ourselves. We’d also have ownership if it were necessary. Professors and students are interested in Apps deeply; however, some students don’t gather to study them. This is because some of them still don’t have their own Smartphones due to the expensive price. Because of this, the university lends some iPods or other items to those who don’t have Smartphones.”

As he said, other universities are also raising their attention toward apps. One university has opened the first Smartphone Contents department in Korea. Also, the demand of educational apps is highly expected. Even though not all universities have begun to do so, many of them want students to invent and develop apps for promotions, their news and the trends coming from the new devices. Some of them have been developed, and it is sure that those apps are accessible and save old system budgets, time required and unnecessary administration costs.

Lee added, “Even though there is a Smartphone boom, the price of them are still too high for students to buy at first. That’s why some CBNU students don’t have a Smartphone. Also, some students don’t want pay to the cancellation charge within the expiration because of their existing phones, so there was a group purchase among the students to get new Smartphones at a low-price.

They are easy and comfortable to carry everywhere. They are like small computers. They can give us apps and useful information. For instance, there is the GPS (Global Positioning System). We can add it into programs for the Smartphone to find famous restaurants, check the calories of a food or whatever we can search. I think not everyone has a Smartphone yet, but the demand of it will be tremendous as time goes by.”

Apps on the Smartphones cover plenty of games, entertainment, utilities, social networking and other categories. We can easily download and install and delete those apps. Wherever we go, a phone is always with us, no matter how far it is, and we use those very portable apps in our journeys.
  The number of apps is getting bigger and bigger. However, there is an overflow of many apps. Users don’t use all apps they have downloaded. Even so, the new or more upgraded apps show up endlessly and replace the old ones. Basically, those are made not only by experts but also by other common users. One could invent a wonderful app with his name. As a matter of fact, with the idea that anyone can edit and play the tremendous amount of app contents, this expansibility of such a large number of apps is what makes the Smartphone ‘smart’.
  This is the reason why people and companies are excited by apps of the Smartphone. This means the Smartphone market is open to the whole world 24 hours and has a great advertising impact. If we first invent a profitable item or model of app satisfying the demand of users, than we can sell it to a great surge of users. In fact, this is a kind of business based on the Smartphone. There have been many actual successes of app makers in other fields related with banking or similar areas, of course. Students also could be great app makers and get money. Who knows if you have a bright idea that will be a success?

CBNU Application
A huge amount of Apps have been introduced. CBNU also has its own app,
which is made for the convenience of students. It is basically providing the information about CBNU on a Smartphone. Student can check the news, accommodation of reading rooms, various community schedules and cafeteria menus with the app. If you are a student and feel too lazy to enter the homepage, this kind of app would be useful to get a better day schedule on hand any time.

CBNU Twitter
There is also a CBNU twitter (https://twitter.com/jbnupr) and the followers are over 1,700 people. It is the beginning stage, yet the more students who have the Smartphone, the more people and students will follow this twitter. The number of users is growing rapidly, and they can talk more easily and treat each other in a more friendly way.

There are many events and programs for Smartphones in CBNU. This means that in modern times, the Smartphone is a very useful tool, and the use of Smartphones is very important. If you use the Smartphone well, you will be a pioneer who will become far ahead of the times. However, we can easily become addict to Smartphones. We should be careful of this flaw so we can make the brain smart as well as the phone. 



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