What is this on the skin?
What is this on the skin?
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When we think about skin, we just assume that it protects the body. If you are imaginative, it comes to you in many meanings. Touch, one of the six senses, is derived from the skin. How many images flash through your mind when you imagine the skin? It is uncommon that the following come to your mind. However, broaden your mind and trust your limitless imagination.

  Physical affection: the physical feeling of liking or loving someone very much and caring about them.
When we meet and say goodbye to someone in our lives, we have many emotions. Most people always want to be happy, and they feel happy when they make body contact with lovers. Being young in the past, we felt happy and comfortable in our mother’s arms. We came to learn that was love. If we contact skin to skin with each other, that contact reminds you of your early memory in your mother’s arms. Maybe during our whole lives, we miss and try to find traces of the feeling in our memories.

Skins: A kind of drug in Britain.
We mostly know that the word ‘skin’ means what covers the body. By adding the letter ‘s’, however, it presents

the fresh meaning of a ‘drug’ in Britain. There is a British drama, ‘Skins’, describing a teenager’s life and friendship. The drama frankly describes the shocking life of a British teenager, including drugs, sex, drunkenness, and swearing. Surprisingly, the drama has also boomed with teens all over the world as well as in Korea. In this context, this word means the rolled, paper packed drug.

    Race: one of the main groups that humans can be divided into according to their physical differences.
We want fair skin to have a better appearance. People seem to think that a fair face makes them more beautiful and handsome. Why do we want to be white? Do we envy the west? Because of indefinite prejudice, we follow ‘white-ism’. Of course, we sometimes ignore people due to skin color and it results in immoderate race discrimination. It doesn’t matter which skin color we have.

 Tattoo: a picture or design that is marked permanently on a person’s skin by making small holes in the skin. The skin is dug into and painted by tattoos. It is a fashion item to express individuality

on skin with ink. It is one of the various kinds of accessories, like jewelry and so on. The tattoo was regarded as the exclusive property of gangs in the past. But now, tattoo popularity is booming. To follow the trend, people want to try it and think of where they can get a tattoo.

  Nail: the outer structure composed of KERATIN that grows from a tuck in the skin and protects part of the fleshy tip of a finger or toe.

We often know that the nail is dead skin. But this is wrong according to medical information. The nail is a kind of transformed cell of the skin. When we wash our body, the nails absorb water and are swollen. If you cut your nails after bathing, it is easy to make a good shape. Be careful when putting on nail polish, because the nail is your skin. Treasure your nails. 





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