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My love story, to my love
2009년 05월 12일 (화) 14:02:39 Ju Jae-eun, Senior, Agricultur -

Three years ago, I was a lonely student in my college. I wanted to concentrate on my subject to forget my gloominess. So, I entered the laboratory and studied with good people. All elder
people were very friendly and kind. Among them, there was a man who had a little bald hair. He was older than me by about eight years. If some troubles happened with students, he always was a good counselor. Most people liked him. Now he is still a good person to everyone, but especially to me as my sweetheart.
Whenever I arrived at school, I could meet him anytime because he was a graduate assistant. At that time I lived in Jeonju alone and was separated from my parents.
He was the best person for me. When I was angry, he tried to make me feel better. When I was sad, he tried to comfort me. When I was happy, he was happy, too.
Sometimes he was my father. Sometimes he was my friend. He was an amazing person to me, like a magician.
Now he is a doctoral candidate. Nowadays he is very busy because he has a lot of work to do. So I hardly meet him. I'm afraid we don’t have the time to meet, but I can't tease him about dating because I don't want to bother him. However, I know he still worries about me. "Did she have dinner? Wasn't she late for lessons? Is there anything bothering her?"
Through this letter, I want to tell him something.
"You are a shelter under the hot sun in the desert. You are a heater which makes my hands warm in winter. Could you remember what you said to me? You are important to me too. Whenever I think of you, I thank you.
Because our hearts are always reaching each other, I can be strong and do anything that I want. Even though I'm smaller than you, the size of my love is bigger than yours.
I always believe you to be my last love. And we will do our best for a lovely future - honey!









































































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