Enjoy your life with Fixie
Enjoy your life with Fixie
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When you were very young, maybe you bought a bike. At that time, a bike was one of the most popular items. However, since private cars and public transportation have developed, people have ignored the bike since they thought it was less convenient than a car. In recent days, the bike is getting into the spotlight again. Environmental movement organizations recommend the use of bikes and people who prefer leisure are enjoying bikes. Meanwhile, a kind of bike is emerging as a trend for conveying one's uniqueness. It is the Fixie.

-What is Fixie?

Fixie has been known as a bike that American mailmen used. It was named after “fixed gear”. Contrary to a general bike, it doesn’t have a shift gear and free wheel. The back wheel and chain are fixed. Fixie, the initial model of bike, moves toward if we step on pedal, and vice versa. Although its gear is fixed, its attraction stems from freedom. It has a simple structure and it is light and fast. So, we can enjoy the sense of speed in ideal circumstances for riding. Originally, Fixie was stopped by skidding since it doesn’t have brakes. Skidding is the brake skill of halting the wheel intentionally using the pedal. This was viewed as
a drawback of Fixie. Considering safety, recently Fixie installed a brake. Another attraction of Fixie is easy customization, which means that the users can change Fixie with the designs and parts they want freely. Fixie riders can assemble whatever they want, from colorful frames to sensitive wheels. Actually, many people first selected Fixie for its changing design. Since Fixie gets a lot of character, its riders are also stylish. Now, Fixie has become a means to express individuality. However, it is hard to purchase domestically. The price of only the frame of Fixie usually starts from four hundred dollars, going up to thousands of dollars. The way to buy Fixie cheaply is to make a group purchase in an Internet cafe or Fixie club. Fixie rider Kim Sung-mun said that he fell in love with the bike. “Many people don’t know about Fixie now. However, I am sure that it is Fixie if you see a very beautiful bike in street,” Kim said. “Although it was a very expensive bike until just recently, it is getting cheaper. Making your own bike in the world is also a pleasure of enjoying Fixie.”

- Fixie as a culture

Although some people think that Fixie is a temporary trend, it is loved by the public in America, Europe, Japan and beyond. Fixie is rare now in domestic circles, but it is easy to find it in foreign countries. It has grown as a culture with a long history of a single gear. The lifestyle seeking freedom started with Fixie.

Fixie has also greatly affected fashion, as it has created unique styles. Messenger style, one of the Fixie fashions, is a wannabe style young people like. The key point of the Messenger style is a messenger bag. It imitates the bag that carried postal items in the past. It doesn’t cause one’s riding inconvenience because the bag is located on top of the back. A variety of street brands which produce messenger bags are affected by Fixie, too. Also, wearing loose shorts, roll-up jeans and skinny jeans are the features of the Fixie fashion. Because the chain of Fixie is exposed, it can damage the pants of a rider. Besides these, comfortable hooded T-shirts, brightly colored T-shirts and primary color windbreakers are must-have items for enjoying riding.
Fixie riders have produced new trends of culture in general. To them, the most necessary thing is a liberal mind. If you have a liberal mind, you can be a Fixie rider, too.

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