Feel and Learn about Korea! – CLS program
Feel and Learn about Korea! – CLS program
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- Cultural experience
Do you know the CLS(Critical Language Scholarship) program? The U.S. State Department of Educational and Cultural Affairs chooses one language that American students should pay attention to every year. This year, Korean was chosen. In particular, CBNU was appointed as an official institution to teach them Korean. 30 American college students have studied Korean at CBNU and experienced home-stay and cultural experiences in Jeonju from June 16th to August 20th)

- Cultural experience

As part of their program, the students went to the Hanok Village to experience Korean traditional culture. It was a boiling day, but the students were enthusiastically participating in their activities. They had Pansori lessons and made Korean knots and bibimbab.

•Why did you first want to learn Korean? And how long did you study Korean?

LT: I wanted to learn Korean because I was interested in Korean singers and dramas, which fascinated me. So I learned Korean when I was in high school.
Jesse: Since I studied Japanese for a long time, I wanted to study Korean as well because they share many common linguistic features. Also, I am interested in Buddhism, especially Esoteric Buddhism. I want to compare it with the Korean history.
AnnMarie: I studied Korean in the states for three years. I am really interested in Korean culture and literature. I even visited Korea before as a missionary. My dream is to be a professor who teaches Korean Literature. I am planning to spend more time studying Korean.
Anne: I studied Korean for about three years. I can actually speak five languages: English, French, Russian, German and Korean. I didn't know any Asian Languages so I decided to learn Korean, which I had interest before. I want to study more as a transfer student in Yonsei University after this program.

•What do you think about CBNU and its teaching program?
- Tutor and Tutees

Jesse: I like it. Because this is my first study, I have language problems when I communicate. But I like the overall system, except being too busy.
AnnMarie: We didn't have a lot of time to experience campus living in CBNU, because we only took classes in Jinsudang. I like the beautiful campus. But that is the only thing that I know. We have so much homework and so many activities to do. I like studying Korean hard, but I wish I had more free time to explore around myself.

- Tutor and Tutees

-Song Sang-hyeon(the Dept. of Information Materials & Engineering, senior) with tutee Ethel Inaru, and Kim Hwa-pyeong(the Dept. of Biological Sciences, Molecular Biology, senior) with tutee Joey Lenox.

• What do you think is the merit of this tutoring program?

Ethel: I guess the merit for me is that I can practice speaking a lot. Not to mention that I have a lot of fun just studying, but I also really like my tutor. He is very nice.
Joey: I like this program because I can learn Korean by a man-to-man way. I can ask the things that I couldn't understand during class, and I can receive a detailed answer. I solve many problems I had dealt with and I am satisfied. I feel like I'm learning more than I actually do in class.

• What is the most memorable event you had with your tutor?

Ethel: Um, going to the singing room, of course! We go there quite often, but that is my favorite and most memorable thing.
Song: She is a very good singer.
Joey: One day, we made cookies. We went to Home-plus and shopped together. It was fun, taking a ride in his car and listening to music. I was also very thankful to him because literally this wasn't what a tutor had to do. But he gladly said he would go for me.

• You still have time left to stay in Korea. What else do you want to do with your tutor?

Ethel: I want to do plain things that friends do. Going shopping, talking and eating. Oh, and practicing baseball. I like baseball.
Joey: If I have less homework than I have now, I would like to go to a bar with Hwa-pyeong. It would also be great to see his girlfriend, because I never had a chance to see her.

• What do you want to say to your Korean tutor?

Ethel: I can't think much of what I want to say. I am just so thankful because he is so nice and gentle. He helped me a lot and I really appreciate it.
Joey: I can't think of anything else than thank you. He always helped me studying until late in the evening, and I know he must have been tired because he would have his own things to do as well. And I am really sorry, because I honestly wanted to spend time with him as friends. However I have so much homework I couldn't really do it as I planned.

• What would you like to say to your foreign tutee?

Song: I am also really happy to have Ethel as my tutee. We spend a lot of time together and all that time was very enjoyable. Ethel is also very tricky sometimes. She likes to joke and play. She is really funny.
Kim: I wanted to let him experience various things besides studying. But I myself have a part time job so I can't make much time. So we mostly study and match the things he learned during class. I am sorry about that. I would like to do more fun activities like sports if we have time.

- Home-stay

Marcella and her home-stay family look like a real family. In particular, her home-stay mom, Mrs. Kim, has a sunny disposition. A father (Moon Hyeong-guk), mother (Kim Jin-young), son (Moon Whun) and daughter (Moon Bo-ram) are her home-stay family.

• Were you worried about your applying for home-stay? And before she arrived, what did you do for her?

Mrs. Kim: I wondered about her personality and appearance. Hmm... Look at her! She is cool and pretty. My daughter yielded her room to Marcella. We considered renting a bed because we sleep on the heated floor, but we wanted her to experience the Korean style so we bought just one pillow.

• What is your most exciting memory?

Marcella and Mrs. Kim: Cooking together, Bolivian chicken!
Mrs. Kim: One of the reasons that we can't feel any cultural differences is her cooking skill. She is very skillful. I learned from her. And I felt like our roles were switched.

Whun: I introduced my school and we ate fried chicken near CBNU. It was my best memory.

• What do you want to do with your home-stay family in your rest time in Korea?

Mrs. Kim: If you say anything I will do it if possible!
Marcella: I want to travel in Jeonju with my family.

• Do you have something to say to each other?

Mrs. Kim: First, I thank her for coming. You are my daughter who has grown up in another part of the world! I hope you are always healthy and happy.
Whun: Thank you for your good adaptation to Korea. I went out to China for a few days. It was very short trip, but I felt uncomfortable. She adapted well. Always be healthy!
Marcella: In the future, when I come back to Korea or you come to America, let's meet together and have fun! Home-stay life is really comfortable. I owe you mom.

Some feels the eight weeks is a short time, but CLS students could feel and learn Korean deeply and record a memorable experience. And also, the CLS program gave CBNU and CBNU students a chance to step into the world.

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