Don’t stop shouting “Dae~han min guk”
Don’t stop shouting “Dae~han min guk”
  • Hwang Woo-ram reporter
  • 승인 2010.08.13 20:48
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At last
the 2010 South Africa World Cup began on June 11th. All people have waited for this day, which is a festival of mankind. The first game of the Taeguk Warriors was on the day following the opening ceremony. Our first competitor was Greece. As they were the 2004 European champions, it was expected that first game would not be easy for us. When the time of the decisive battle came, I faced in front of the TV in a bar to cheer for the Korean team with my friends. Most fans in the bar, including us, shouted "Dae~han min guk" and "Oh Pilseung (victory) Korea" when South Korean players moved nicely against Greece. The Korean team’s start was very good. After just seven minutes, Ki Sung-yong crossed over a free kick from the left corner, the ball fell nicely for Lee Jung-soo and the ball made it into the net. Although we succeeded to score, the Taeguk Warriors continually made many opportunities to have a goal. Park Chu-young missed a great opportunity to extend the gap of the score. He raced in the clear after being released by a perfect pass from Park Ji-sung, but his low inside shot was blocked by the foot of the Greek goalkeeper and the ball went over the cross bar.

At seven minutes after the start of the second half, Park Ji-sung picked up a loose ball that a Greek defender missed. And then, he perfectly kicked the ball toward Greek goalpost. He was just the world-class football player I thought. The result of the match was a victory for Korea. I think that members of this national team are the strongest ever. Our 2-0 victory over the 2004 European Champions surely must have sounded a warning to Argentina which was our next competitor.
After the match was over, many people were excited due to the victory of the Korean team. When we went out from the bar to the old gate of CBNU, most fans in red T-shirts were shouting "Dae~han min guk" and dancing in circles together. At the time this magazine is published, we can’t know Korea’s result in the rest of the matches; in any case, I want the Korean team go into future rounds, and I hope that shouting “Dae~han min guk” doesn’t stop.

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