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Park Dong-jun, Senior, Dept. of Biology Science
When I came back to the school, I looked for a newspaper in English. During that time, my old friend recommended this magazine. I was excited reading all parts of this magazine.
If I were a freshman, I would be a reporter to make it.
I expect the next CBNU globe. Thank you.

Shim Hong-che, Senior, Dept. of Child Studies & Housing Environmental Design
I also read this volume. I read The CBNU Globe magazine many times, but I didn't know 'Word quiz.’ Maybe my personality was the reason. In this magazine, I like the 'Cover story'. The topic was very interesting and useful.
I want many people to read The CBNU Globe. Have a great time this spring.

Cho Nam-kwon, Senior, Dept. of Political Science and Diplomacy
I think the cover story, which handles ‘Warning of nature,’ was suitable for these times that interconnect with the earthquake in Haiti and Chile. At the same time, I noticed again that people's greed can bring big problems like water shortage, air pollution and global warming. I realized that the earth needs people’s attention, effort and action. I wish The CBNU Globe tremendous success in everything they do.

Gang Bo-wol, Freshman, Division of Computer Engineering
Hi! I’m a freshman who encountered the CBNU Globe for the first time. I was amazed because CBNU has a really good magazine like this. The photos of Cheongsando made me feel excited, and I want to visit there. I’m also really happy to receive a report about Andy Warhol just in the time when I wanted to know Andy Warhol. I want to always read the CBNU Globe. Thanks.

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