Meet Mentor for My Campus Life
Meet Mentor for My Campus Life
  • Kim Jung-hwa
  • 승인 2010.05.12 11:32
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March 6th, 2010. The first super lecture of leadership was held by the Korean University Students Information Technology Management Society(KUSITMS) in Yonsei University to encourage university students trying to achieve their aims and visions. To attend the lecture, I handed in the application on its Internet community. Then, I had been looking forward to it. Awaking early that morning, I went to Yonsei University. Though it was the weekend, the air of the campus was very enthusiastic.
There were more than 200 students in the auditorium. In the lecture, Kim Jung-hun (the public relations agent of KOICA), Kim Won-ki (the president of KUSITMS, the current undergraduate), and Kim tae won (the young Googler who university students want to meet most) spoke about leadership, growth and enthusiasm.
In section one, a KOICA public relations officer, Kim Jung- hun, related his adventures in intereacting with Ban Ki-moon, ex-President Bill Clinton and about 80 global leaders. He emphasized the importance of the newspaper. He said that the newspaper was the window to the world. Until now I often looked mainly at the internet news, and I didn't care about events in a variety of fields. So, I decided to read the newspaper. Now I’ve fulfilled my decision. I suggest to you to read a newspaper. It is actually good for you.
In section two, KUSITMS’s Kim Won-ki, the chairman of the Honor Society, lectured on the 'spirits of the GCC theory.’ GCC is the acronym for GREED, CHALLENGE, CAN. If you judge that your decision is based on greed, you don’t do that. Or, if you judge that your decision is a challenge, you have to determine deeply whether you should do that. If you decide you can carry on your decision, you have to do that. This is the theory of GCC. Through this theory, until now, he has set goals and tried to reach another goal.
Finally, in section three, the Googler Kim Tae-won taught me about passion and power. The most memorable thing was that ‘24=8+16.’ We spend eight hours at work and school, and we think what to do during those eight hours. However, a day consists of 24 hours. We don't think about the rest, the 16 hours. It gave me a big shock. During the remaining 16 hours, we should also think about what to do. I was very impressed by that speech.
After all the lecture was over, the audience indicated gratitude to the leaders. Their lectures were perfect and good for me. I hope many lectures will be given to Geonjians. I really want many people to be motivated with their passion, like me.

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