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Your voice
2010년 03월 17일 (수) 09:29:25 globe globe@jbnu.ac.kr
Ha Chang-il, Department of Economics (04)
Hello, reporters in The CBNU Globe!
I decided to write this letter when I had found out the quiz in the last page.
First, I'm really thanks to you about this magazine.
Actually, The CBNU Globe was unfamiliar to me and many students.
But this autumn magazine was instructive and useful to me.
I met and got around to The CBNU Globe while I have prepared my studying abroad.
It is really perfect reading materials during break times. And also it helps my English study.

Go Myeong-jin Department of Electronics Science Engineering (05)

In this year, I returned to school and I am in second grade.
I read The CBNU Globe when I was studying at studying library. I was absorbed in the magazine so I didn’t study enough time. But it was a pity that I didn't know this magazine. I will make good use of this magazine
It is not only informative but also a useful material for English studying.
I am looking forward to see useful and good information.

Lee Ji-hye Department of Library and Information science (07)
When the first time I read the magazine, Vol.4, I was interested in all contents and images. And this time, when I read Vol.5, I couldn't stop my eyes from it. Thank you very much for your perfect performance. It is very difficult for me to choose which report is the best. However, for the most interesting information, I actually picked 'Social Scope' which mentioned the story behind the Nobel Prize. As a sincere friend, I am looking forward to your next issue, and thank you again for your wonderful work.

Lee Sung-ok Department of English & English literature (05)

Hi. I’m a student who always studies English. So whenever the magazine comes out, I’m attracted by magazine. I got various information from the magazine.
In this issue, I was interested in 'Fair Trade (coffee) on the cover story.
Fair trade was a good topic that every university students should know. Thanks for your reporting.

Moon Young-sun English & English literature (08)

Hello, guys! This was the third time I read The CBNU Globe. My friend recommended the magazine to me. I think The CBNU Globe is so useful and comfortable magazine. Most impressive article was the review on ‘Jekyll and Hyde’. I really wanted to see that musical, but I couldn’t. But thanks to this review, I felt atmosphere of Jekyll and Hyde.
I would like to share this good magazine with my friends as my friend did. I deeply appreciate your good articles and hope that The CBNU Globe gets to become a more brilliant magazine.
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