White lie and black truth
White lie and black truth
  • Bae A-rang, Editor in Chief
  • 승인 2010.03.17 09:24
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The past controls the present. If so, how about the future?
TV dramas based on Japanese novels have gained popularity in Korea, so we can easily find dramas like White Power and Alone in Love, based on a Japanese novel with a strong story and charming characters. But, the Korean movies which are based on Japanese novels don’t flash in my mind. It is one of the main reasons that several movies have flopped. So, Walk in White Night, which is based on a best-selling Japanese novel, sparked a special interest. Many movie-goers who already read the book expected that movie with curiosity and anticipation. I think that the movie Walk in White Night satisfied them because this movie adapted the novel while maintaining the original plot. In addition, it was also interesting that ‘Yoo Mi-ho’ and ‘Yo-han’, which are the characters’ names in the movie, were similar to ‘Yukiho’ and ‘Ryoji’, which are the names in the original novel. However, if you read the original novel, which described characters’ feelings in detail along with many incidents, you could be disappointed to see the movie, which focused on a mystery composed of mainly incidents. But I think any movies based on a novel couldn’t show the details of novel. That is the limit that novel-based movies have. This movie preserved the original novel’s basic plot in crossing present and past and also effectively delivered the story to us. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand the movie of 135 minutes even for me, who didn’t read the original novel.
Interestingly, the characters’ images attained prominence in Walk in White Night, expressed in the contrast of white and black, color effect, and in the vivid soundtrack. In particular, the opening of the movie juxtaposed a scene in which Miho had sex with her fiancé in a white bedroom and a scene in which black-dressed Yo-han murdered a man in a dark locked room. That scene was strong enough to leave a lasting impression on the audience. The impact of the contrast of white and black was one of the most effective factors, as the title Walk in White Night meant. The contrast of ‘Miho’ in a pure white dress and pale face and ‘Yo-han’ in dark clothes and a gloomy expression was showing a portion of their tragic destiny.
A man who loves a woman draws a fine picture of his future happiness with her, so he endures hardship for her in a dark time. However, he lost everything in the end; work, family, hope and love with her. His tragic fate is really sad and pitiful.
“If the sun rises high, the shadow will disappear.”
“I’ll protect you… forever.”
His sorrowful eyes are tugging at my heartstrings.

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