What are your 2010 mottos and wish lists?
What are your 2010 mottos and wish lists?
  • Bae A-rang, Editor in Chief
  • 승인 2010.03.17 09:05
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January, 2010. First start to the New Year!
It’s time to make a plan and decide something special: dieting, studying English, meeting a girlfriend (or boyfriend), travelling in Europe, and so on. As always, maybe you’ll make new plans and goals to welcome the New Year, and have firm determination. However, you have never lived up to your New Year’s resolution in the past and your new plans always end in imagination without result. Everyone has a New Year’s plan like you, but only a few people accomplish it. Why can’t you belong to “a FEW PEOPLE”? There is an answer on your plans. Your plans are too uncertain and too general. You don’t know what you really want and you just wish to do something vaguely.
If you have a dream hazily, the result will be vague. But, if you really want something and map out your future, you will meet the successful result.
For example, in January 2009, I made a plan for 2009 with my friends. I determined that my motto in 2009 would be “Active” and wrote the details on paper. I also wrote my wish lists of life. I kept the gist of the paper in my mind. One year later, looking back, I really lived actively. In 2009 I started as a JIFF (Jeonju International Film Festival) volunteer in May, and I did a lot of active things such as being a volunteer in the Philippines, volunteering at IFFE (International Fermented Food Expo), and so on. (I also won a prize as a best volunteer in IFFE!) Because of these things, I really can say that, “My motto in 2009 was ‘Active 2009’, and I truly spent my time actively in 2009.”

Thanks to my motto and plans, I can achieve my purpose, and I’ll make another motto and plan for 2010. And I really can’t wait for 2010!

Are you planning to do something? Are you wishing to do something?
Then find what you really want to do and make sure of your plans. If you know clearly, the possibility becomes real. Take up your pen and write your 2010 motto and wish lists. Then, your dreams will come true and you can be one of the “FEW PEOPLE”!

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