Graduation, set out for the future.
Graduation, set out for the future.
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is not only a ceremony for congratulating students who finalize their scholarship but also a foothold for preparing to go into the society. Unfortunately, however, society is not in an optimistic situation for graduates because of the economic crisis in Korea as well as worldwide. Facing this crisis, pre-graduates are in a serious and horrible condition that does not show any positive future prospects.
At any time, even if there was no bright future to graduates, they nevertheless went with passion and spirit into the workforce and made a big contribution to themselves and their country. To play this role, of course, requires every effort. The graduation makes students adapt to future society through the accumulated sum of their college lives.
Now our world is ruled by Neo-liberalist ideology, and its basic doctrine is unlimited competition. The rule that a competitive person becomes a winner is universally applied to our real lives. College life is a period of training to secure the competitiveness in society after graduation; that is, it is a preparation process to be a winner. Therefore, we should arm ourselves with competitiveness to be ready for the good life.
Students who will graduate in the future should face up to the reality and never stop learning and adapting. Moreover, sincerity and diligence are essential virtues that will help them to devote themselves to study. They have to develop and build their specialized capacities in their majors while putting in all of their best efforts. Preparation for the future with both strict self-discipline and scrupulous planning might boost the value and significance of graduation. Therefore, graduates should practice hard to enhance the importance of graduation when it’s coming up soon.
After all, the dice has been thrown. We hope graduates who planned out their futures reliably should keep the creativity for a bright future and take pride in CBNU. Even if you did not get an opportunity this time, do not be disappointed or anguish over doubts of yourself and keep it up! Trying many times to get a job is not a shame anymore. Graduates should encourage themselves with courage and a challenging spirit at times like this.
It's never too late to start, so fasten your shoes and start marching towards the days to come. It's a long way to the future. Turning over a new leaf, devote yourself to a clear future. The future offers vision only to the prepared one.

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