It was “Andy Warhol” that I saw in the exhibition!
It was “Andy Warhol” that I saw in the exhibition!
  • Jo Doo-rim
  • 승인 2010.03.15 10:54
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The artist who hid himself behind his works

Pounding, pounding and pounding!
Ceaseless heartbeat — I experienced it during the time when I was going to watch an exhibition of Andy Warhol!
Originally, I was a person who was interested in art, but it was not the only reason why I was so excited with my heart beating. It was also because of his fame as the greatest pop artist in the 1900s.
Certainly the exhibition was proving how famous he is when I entered the Seoul Museum of Art, which will exhibit his works until April 4th. Regardless of nationality, sex, and age, a number of people were jammed in there to view his works.

1. The things I was fascinated by
- Primary colors and his own creative style
First of all, his works caused me to be happy when I looked around them. The first reason was that the primary colors in some of them, like “Jane Fonda”, were so fascinating that people couldn’t move to see another work. The unusual color combinations were also a way that I could recognize his works immediately, such as in the very light blue, primary yellow and pink of “Marilyn Monroe”, one of his representative works.
The second thing was a variety of his effort to express his ideas in the works produced by silkscreen, which is considered as a tool to easily produce many works at once in a creative style, and attaching torn colored paper on canvas and then silk-screening it. Sometimes he added his drawing on the canvas, too, such as in “Mick Jagger” and “The Last Supper”. Obviously, it showed that he made his own style. As a result, I couldn’t help being moved in front of the work because of his creative ideas.
Lastly, it seemed that he liked to make a series of works. He was really good at creating a new atmosphere by using other colors on the same drawing base.

2. The man I fell in love with
- Creative, Enthusiastic, and naive

Above all, what I felt was Andy Warhol himself through the exhibition. He was very brilliant, more than in my imagination, because he knew what made him happy and really acted to follow the tips.
Some people thought Andy Warhol degraded high-class art as he released his pop-art works. Also, some said he was a very superficial person who got a nose surgery, went out for parties every night and pursued commercial profits even though he was an artist.
But in my opinion, they were wrong, since he was not only a great artist but also a very naive person, who chased his dream as a commercial artist with passion every moment until he died. Imagine how hard it is that people keep their dream during their whole life?
Although he always tried to hide his privacy, maybe I already got the clue to who he was. There was nothing behind his works indeed. Just feeling his works, this is the answer through which we can meet him right away, over time.
And as he said, “If you want to know the person ‘Andy Warhol’, just see my paintings, films and my appearance. Nothing is on my back.” - Andy Warhol

Jo Doo-rim, Department of the Mass Communication

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