Light and darkness of real variety shows
Light and darkness of real variety shows
  • Kim Dan-bi reporter
  • 승인 2010.03.15 10:48
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Variety show, when looked up in a dictionary, is a complex style show that includes music, talk, comedy and sometimes games. However, this meaning corresponds to previous variety shows. In these days, variety shows put stress on reality to follow the mood of society that is now more concerned with individuality and naturalness. Real variety shows beat talk shows with conversation as a center and variety shows with previously made scenarios. However, they get praise and criticism from viewers at the same time. Here are the light and the darkness of real variety shows!

Light side of real variety shows
In former days, many celebrities made matches or played games under the supervision of an emcee according to a previously made scenario. However, variety shows have had a big evolution. They are changing to real variety shows which focus on natural daily lives of characters. A representative program is Unlimited Challenge. It is a program for six men to challenge new things every week. Why do TV viewers glow with enthusiasm about real variety shows? A real variety show is literally real. Real variety shows feature unpredictable situations, dialogues from natural behaviors and dramatic reversal. In this case, viewers are paying attention to the characters in the program. Modern society respects people’s individuality. Thus, the viewers identify with the characters in the real variety show. They are no longer celebrities who live in very different worlds. Naturally, real variety shows have reached trend status in every broadcasting company.

Darkness of real variety shows

Meanwhile, some viewers raise questions about if they are real. For real variety shows, the right answer is that it is real. However, viewers never know whether it is real or not through only TV. Viewers believe firmly that the characters act extempore without scenarios. Thus they got rid of the distance from themselves to entertainers and they felt humanity in the entertainers. However, unfortunately, even real variety shows have their own scenarios. A real variety show is not fully dependent on the scenario, but it maintains a fundamental frame according to it. Moreover, in real situations, the characters overuse slang. Variety shows are enjoyed by all, regardless of age or gender. The adults show a distaste for the use of slang and children tend to imitate the language habits of the characters.
A real variety show has a great ripple effect on viewers, beyond our imagination. For example, a program to visit wonderful places and stay one night is popular. The introduced places in the program became tourist attractions. However, the places sometimes were damaged by many people. In addition, while shooting the program, it gives considerable damage to the residents.

All over the world including Korea, real variety shows are a trend. Real variety shows catch the public popularity while presenting natural smiles to us through natural situations. However, the trend is rampant. Rampant real variety shows have similar forms to each other with only different materials. If real variety shows only reproduce other overflowing variety shows, they will vanish from TV. To live long, real variety shows should develop their unique forms and materials.

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