Why don’t you get a part-time job?
Why don’t you get a part-time job?
  • Park Sat-byul reporter
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“Can you
spare time for me today?”
“Sorry, I can’t. I have to do my part-time job.”
As soon as we enter university, we are grown-ups. We think naturally that we should earn money because our parents pay expensive tuition fees. For this reason, many students think about part-time jobs and study at the same time. For students, learning is more important than earning money. However, these part-time jobs are essential experiences which students should not miss in college life.
There is a wide range of part-time jobs for college students, from simple service jobs to professional jobs that show off their majors. Here’s a look into part-time jobs from experienced college students.

<Value and significance>

1. Having diverse experiences
As soon as you start doing a part-time job, you meet a lot of people. You build own ways and skills to treat different people. The experience could be a good stepping stone for social life, so later, when you go out into the world, you will assimilate easily.

2. Feeling a sense of accomplishment.
After working so hard, you get paid enough. Therefore you will have a sense of accomplishment. You can pay for living expenses by yourself or buy what you want. Also you gain confidence to do everything.

3. Inspiring with the spirit of the independence.
Through earning money for yourself, you can become independent from your parents. Gradually, your life will be inspired with the spirit of independence.

Here are all sorts of emotions associated with a part-time job:

- After suffering, we receive money.
- When you give gifts to parents with your earned money, you are proud of yourself.
- In the case of service jobs, you often cause friction with customers.
- Due to mistakes, you are scolded by your boss.
- Stress and anger is caused by work.
- You think about your parents and how they are also working harder.
- You are ignored because you are young and inexperienced.
- People who work together become intimate with each other.
- You form a wider line of personal contacts.
- You feel you are a grown-up.
- Today is a holiday!!

A part-time job is not only a means of earning money but it also gives us many useful things. Perhaps accidentally, we started doing a part-time job and it happened to be our future job. Also, through a lot of experience we create a variety of ways of looking at the world. Thus, it will be helpful in various ways. Many experienced students realized that they had a narrow view of the world. Moreover, they regretted their earlier indolent lives. When part-time jobs become a new college culture, they help students. It is not proper to work for too much time, but students should at least try to work a part-time job for their futures.

My work was dealing with a lot of people, so there were many episodes every day.
I’ll introduce one of those special episodes.
On January 12th, four foreigners came to my work place. I was really embarrassed because I faced foreigners for the first time. The shop owner was next to me, but selling was my role. In other words, speaking was my role. I was perplexed, because my speaking ability was low. The foreigner talked to me at length. I barely heard the words, “contract, buy, cell phone.” I knew their request. They wanted to buy a cell phone. For selling, I used all sorts of methods, even body language. However, I realized my limitations and I didn’t speak English words. I called on the owner and he helped me to explain the goods. I had to relax, so I went to the toilet. In the toilet there was also a foreigner. He was making a phone call, but he spoke fluent Korean. At that time, I thought probably the foreigners can speak Korean well. As soon as I came back to the work place, I explained with Korean and English. In this case, the foreigner understood my explanation. I asked him, “Can you speak Korean, well?” He said, “Yes, I can.” Ultimately, we smiled at each other. Actually, the foreigners were the owner’s friends. After that situation, the owner and I became more intimate. My work life became happier.

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