Let’s Have Fun in The CBNU Library
Let’s Have Fun in The CBNU Library
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Let’s Have Fun in The CBNU Library

Park Yang-geon Reporter, Gu Seo-yoon Cub-Reporter

How much do you know about the CBNU library? You have probably been there to study or borrow books. The library offers even more services than you thought. The CBNU GLOBE reporters visited Central Library and used the services. We are going to show you a lot of different aspects. Then let's look at the Central Library together!


 Introduction to Central Library
- B1
- Periodicals Room, Learning Resource Center for International Students, lockers. (9:00~18:00)
In the first floor basement, there are lockers, a periodicals room and the Learning Resource Center for International Students. At the periodicals room, you can read and borrow periodicals of various countries or papers of foreign and domestic universities. The lockers can be used after registration and after the locker notice has been posted, those who want to use the locker must apply directly to the library. The notice is posted on the website at the beginning of the semester.

- 1F
- book return machine (6:00~24:00), automatic issuing machine(24 hours), cafe, convenience store, ATM, printer, multimedia center (weeksday: 9:00~18:00)
There are various facilities on the first floor. Students usually use the printers which require a copy card or cash. Recently, card payment was also introduced for convenience, so it is possible to print using a credit or debit card and people can return the borrowed books via a book return machine located next to the toilet. In the Multimedia Center, people can watch movies on a comfortable sofa or use the computers.
Convenience store: - during the semester (weekdays: 8:00~22:00), (weekend: 9:00~15:00), - during vacation (weekdays: 8:30~21:00), (weekend: 9:00~15:00).
Cafe: (weekdays: 9:00~18:00), (Saturday: 12:00~17:00), closed on Sundays.

- 2F
- Group Study Room, Learning Commons, Natural Science & Technology Collection (weekdays: 9:00~21:00), Saturday: 9:00~17:00)
On the second floor, there are PC learning tables, smart tables, and group study rooms. The study room can be used after inputting information into an unmanned machine or reserved on the website or mobile app. If not used after reservation, those who make reservations will be restricted from using the group study room for several days. Also, natural science and technology books are available in this section of the library.

- 3F
- Group Study Room, Humanities & Social Science Collection (weekdays: 9:00~21:00, Saturday: 9:00~17:00)
On the third floor, group study rooms are available as on the second floor. Humanities and social sciences books can be found here too.

- 4F
- 1~5 reading rooms (4,5 readings room available 24 hours a day), printer, laptop zone (9:00~24:00), group study rooms (9:00~24:00)
The fourth floor is a place where students usually study. There are also group study rooms and laptop zones where anyone can use their laptop.

The Central Library is well equipped with water purifiers and phone booths on each floor as well as toilets. The inside of the facility is clean and well managed.

● Book rental



Book rental is available by using the mobile library app. You can borrow book simply by logging into the mobile library app, entering the 'book rental' section and scanning the bar code of the book. You can inquire about the book rental details or extend the rental period using the website or mobile app. Students can borrow up to 10 books and the basic rental period is two weeks, but can be extended up to two times, allowing students to keep the books for up to 6 weeks at a time.

● Library website


If you want to read a book already borrowed by others, you can use the reservation function on the website when the book is returned, you'll be notified through a cell phone message or email, and you can receive the books directly from the librarian. The term of a book reserved cannot be extended. Also, the library website offers free lecture services. Simply apply for the classes you want and you'll be able to view them for free. You can prepare for the certificate test, including Japanese and Chinese, too. In addition, various courses are offered such as Korean courses for international students, humanities courses and computer certificate course. You can read world papers or journals in the academic BD section and rent e-books in conjunction with the book application. Also, a variety of academic information is offered, so click on the e-source section of the homepage to study!

● Review





- Gu Seo-yoon (Department of FRENCH & AFRICAN STUDIES)
I often use the multimedia room in between classes. Using the mobile library application, I reserved the movie viewing booth seat and looked at the DVD list. There were a variety of genres and relatively recent films, from ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ to ‘The Avengers: Infinity War’. A fluffy sofa, large screen and headphones creates a mood like a movie theater.
Next, I used an e-book. The e-book is available through both PC and mobile. An Adjustment function for font size, background color, and paragraph interval in the PC program created a good reading environment. Also, I could keep track of the part of the book I had already read and take notes of a phrase that had impressed me. So, it was convenient and useful.

- Park Yang-geon (Department of History)
When I went to the library to do research, I used the automatic issuing machine for the first time. I could print the certificate free of charge by entering my student number and password on the machine. Even though it was a weekday, many students were using smart tables on the second floor. It's designed to be comfortable and not stuffy, so it is in high demand. The receptionist kindly informed me how to use the service. I applied for Internet TOEIC class and listened to it. It was convenient and useful because there were a variety of classes and the advantage is that they are always available. Overall, the library offers many practical and helpful services.

● Precautions
1. Food and beverages are not allowed but water is available.
2. Please register your seat by using an unmanned machine or the mobile app and then sit down.
3. Please be quiet in the reading room hallway. The reading room is not a fully enclosed structure, so it is vulnerable to noise.
4. Please use laptops only in the laptop zone.
5. Please separate the garbage. Especially during the examination period, cleaning staff are troubled by unseparated garbage and remaining drinks.

● Conclusion
As mentioned above, the CBNU library provides various services. Also, CBNU has a law library, medical library, dental library, and Iksan campus library. If you want to know more about the CBNU libraries, you can apply on the library website. Why don't you try the various services of the library? We hope you use the library in a practical way!

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